Monthly Archives: August 2004

Tuesday August 31, 2004

I just wrote a freakin’ long blog and when i press submit, it just when *poof* all gone and i have an empty box to fill again! Man!!! How frus!

Tuesday August 24, 2004

He’s dubbed ‘Frank Sinatra in Sneakers’, cool voice, very soothing music. Highly recommended for lazy days at home.

Tuesday August 24, 2004

Did a quiz recommended by Wendy on her Xanga site. My heart is red! It’s alive!! YAY!! I think love is not over-rated like some people claim it to be. It’s something which we human beings can’t live without, along with many other things like air and food. Studies have shown that babies that are not loved have a higher chance of dying prematurely…. hehe…i don’t know that for sure…i just remember reading something like […]

Monday August 23, 2004

Haven’t been blogging for a while now coz life has just been ho-hum. Nothing much happening. Finally brought myself to finish the interview article due tomorrow. I was listening back to the tape of the interview and man did i sound nervous! 😀 What’s more this girl i interviewed was just a friend of a friend and like a small-timer in the organisation. I wonder how i’d react if i had to interview like the […]

Wednesday August 18, 2004

Firstly, Isa, sorry bout the comments, i don’t know what happened. Hehe….i’m still new to this thing, still learning. How do you guys make your pages look so good? I’m so jealous….. Matt, about the profile pic, she’s the girl Anj and i were talking about. Jaymee Ong, from Gen-X Cop. Here are some more pics for your viewing pleasure. She’s Chinese-Australian. Not bad huh? Chun…….(m’sian slang for hot…) hehe..