Monthly Archives: January 2005

Sunday January 30, 2005

Hello guys!! I’m back in hot, humid and congested KL. hehehe….makes it sound like I’m hating it already huh? Nah…..I just didn’t realise that I had to reacquaint myself to this lifestyle again. I thought once I got back, everything will fall back into place but well, it’s just feels different. Anyways, this post will be dedicated to my final week in Australia. Monday (24/01/05) Joe and I decided to go down to […]

Thursday January 27, 2005

Just a quick note to say THANK YOU ALL SOOOOO MUCH for the really wonderful night on Wednesday and also for the unforgettable 3 years that I’ve had here in Australia. I’m unplugging my laptop now so next time i write again, I’ll be in KL! Will update and more pictures then! Love you guys a lot!!! And will miss u guys!

Friday January 21, 2005

It was my last day at work today (21st Jan). Got a little teary eyed saying good bye to all my work mates. We’ve gotten to be a bit like family after just a year plus of me working there. Sounds cliche, but i really felt like i was part of a ‘family’. And as though that wasn’t bad enough, I didn’t get to see any cute babies today either. Just all the gloomy and smelly ones.. Anyways, […]

Sunday January 16, 2005

Had a great weekend filled with a string of outings all in 2 days. Apologies to those with dial-up, this will be another picture blog…. First things first, Saturday night, the much anticipated ‘Moulin Rouge’ party. The chics….all ‘rouge-d’ up. With Pimp Daddy! Isa, Matt and Anj got ready at my place and Joe brought us to the party. As usual, we were fashionably late. hehehe… At the ‘Moulin Rouge […]

Thursday January 13, 2005

I’m feeling very sad…and fat… I realised today, while shopping for a skirt for saturday’s party, that I’m no longer a ‘Small’. Well, in some brands I’m still an 8, but with this particular skirt that I tried, the 8 was a bit too tight. I had to get the 10, which was an M. Not only that, after that, I tried an Xtra Small in this dress, which was on sale at Dotti. I’ve always been an […]