Monthly Archives: May 2005

Tuesday May 31, 2005

So the news about the whole Schappelle Corby case is everywhere. I bet it’s an even bigger news in Australia than here in Malaysia but it’s still everywhere. For those of you who have been living under a rock, the case is about this Australian lady who got caught with a body board bag full of marijuana in Bali. She was recently found guilty and sentenced to 20 years in prison when […]

Tuesday May 24, 2005

Today, I’ll be carrying on the Musical Relay thing passed on to me by Matt Lim. total volume of songs: In my laptop, about 6GBs worth of MP3s the last cd i bought was: Joss Stone – Mind, Body & Soul song playing right now: Missy Higgins – Ten Days Five songs i listen to alot, or mean alot to me: 1. Amerie – One Thing 2. Snoop Dogg feat. JT- […]

Thursday May 19, 2005

Guest Blogger Adam. I’ve been told to keep this very clean. I shall try my best. Now what would I blog about as I sit here at work, bored as hell. Kindly enough, Belinda Chee has allowed me to blog on her illustrious blog. Couple points of notice. If you add a space in therapist, you get The Rapist. Doesn’t that say something about therapists. Don’t go to therapists. Have […]

Wednesday May 18, 2005

So yesterday was my birthday……yes….I’m officially 23……2 more years and I’ll be a quarter of a century old. I had the day off from work (thanks Mel!) so I invited Li Yenn (my now ex-colleague) to go shopping with me! It was so gratifying to shop for gifts for myself…..haven’t shopped like that in a long while. Hehe… Later that night, my family and I had a nice dinner at San Francisco Steak House. I […]

Wednesday May 11, 2005

Was in JB during the weekend for the carnival I was talking about in my previous entry. I had a great time despite being sunburnt on Saturday and being soaked in the rain on Sunday. Got back Monday morning and as expected, I came home sick. I was still alright on Monday, but yesterday I woke up to a really sore throat, which I thought was just that, a sore throat. So I went to work and halfway […]