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Rev Up with Revive Isotonic!

There’s this contest going on which I’ve been alerted to, the Rev Up with Revive Isotonic Contest. I’ve heard it being mentioned over the radio a couple of times before and that you’ll get a chance to win RM1000 every week and a grand prize of RM5000 just by submitting a video or a photo of your most ‘Rev-ed Up’ moment – a moment when ordinary activities (which involves movements) […]

T.G.F. Internet Banking!!

I’ve been married now for 2 months and in my new married life, living with my new family, I have new responsibilities, not only to be a good wife and daughter-in-law, but as a working part of the entire household. So, my husband has put me in charge of paying for all the household bills. From Astro bills, to mobile phone bills, to water and electricity bills. So if I […]

Shopping + Christmas + Y.E.S. = Free Holiday!!

I was emceeing an event at Mid Valley Megamall last Saturday and boy, let me tell you …. with Christmas around the corner and everyone’s scurrying around to buy gifts and also the Year End Sale happening, the place was extremely packed! It was soooo hard to find parking – I valet my car and had to wait almost half an hour for it to be returned back to me […]