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It’s a Belle World! Ep. 3 – Kuching

Yay!! It’s finally ready!! The 3rd installment of ‘It’s a Belle World!’ It took me a while this time because I’ve been procrastinating…. no other excuse….:P We go back to my hometown of Kuching, Sarawak this time and well, this episode is slightly different, instead of showing you the sights, I bring you to some of Kuching’s famous food haunts to try out my favourite local dishes! Get ready to […]

It’s a Belle World! Ep. 2 – Putrajaya

The long awaited Episode 2 of It’s a Belle World is finally here!! And this time, we’re in Putrajaya, our nation’s administrative capital! I know it took me a while, I was busy with a whole bunch of other things (among them- editing my showreel for E News Asia ;P) so it took me a little bit longer than expected to finish editing this one. I recorded this episode on […]

It’s a Belle World! Ep. 1 – Singapore

Hi all! Hope you’ve all had a wonderful new year thus far! Today I’m really excited because I can finally share with you guys a little project I’ve been working on since last month! If you ask any TV host, their dream hosting job would definitely be to host a travel show. You get paid to travel and do all the fun things and eat all the great food, who wouldn’t […]