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In the MIX

Yay to my new blog design!! Am loving it! No more excuses not to blog now! 🙂 Hopefully I’ll keep up with my goal of a once a fortnight posting, and hopefully you will continue on reading! So last month, I got a chance to be a radio DJ for 2 whole weeks. And it wasn’t just any regular ‘sitting-in’ job, it was to fill in for the breakfast crew […]

A/X Loves Japan… so do we!

Hi all, I know, I know….. I’ve been getting a couple of mails and comments from loyal readers asking me when I was gonna update my blog again, I mean I do feel guilty that I’ve neglected my little corner here but I really had no time, and I haven’t been doing anything else but work so if I constantly write about work it might bore the minds out of […]

Ring Mission <<辛福任务>>

This is an audition call for a brand new reality show on 8TV which I’ll be helping to produce called Ring Mission <<辛福任务>> If you love weddings and think you’re organized, creative and personable enough to be Malaysia’s top wedding planner, well, here’s a chance for you to shine!! 8TV has a brand new reality show for all you aspiring wedding planners out there! If you’ve been planning your own […]