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The New Wave of 2011

So as I was saying, after CNY, I have 2 new projects that I’ll be working on…. Look out for these 4 crazy people on Astro Supersport! With my co-hosts Adrian Jalaludin, Jay Menon & Roshan Narayan It’s a brand new show on Supersport called ‘Football Overload‘. It’s a football based game-variety-talk show and it’ll be on air every Thursday at 9pm starting the 10th February. Hosting a football show […]

The month of May

First of all, thank you all so much for the birthday wishes. I really do feel overwhelmed by all the well-wishes, wall posts on Facebook and even e-cards I received from friends and acquaintances, you guys really know how to make a girl feel special on the day she said hi to the world, 28 years ago now. ;P  I’m currently on a road trip with Joe around the east […]

A trip to ‘Wonderland’!

I was invited (as a blogger!) to attend the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ School Holiday Specials Launch at Mid Valley Megamall yesterday. We were treated to a nice tea party, an interpretive dance show, a fashion show and a lucky draw all in the span of one hour before the Digital 3D movie screening. So without further ado, it’s picture time! Tea and scones, anyone? Very impressive set up. Apparently, some […]