Life so far..

Hi all,

Just a quick lil update of my life, so far. 😉

Married life is good, I feel so blessed. Joe is working hard to earn money so I don’t have to work…hehehe…I have a mother-in-law who takes great care of everyone in the house, so I always have food to eat irregardless of what time I get up or get back home. Work has been steadily streaming in, I’m loving all the breaks I get to take to go see the world, what else can I ask for? Life is treating me well. 🙂

Just got back from a tour of Taiwan with my MIL and family, was supposed to leave for a “2nd honeymoon” to Europe this Saturday but we’ve decided to postpone the trip till August in light of the current air space/volcanic ash situation. Still working on the 4th Episode of It’s a Belle World, don’t know whether there’ll be more episodes coming after that because I haven’t been diligent enough in video-ing my trips. hehehe….

I have several new projects in talks at the moment which I’m really excited about, kinda anxious as well coz it’ll require me to really step out of my comfort zone and overcome new and very challenging obstacles. Don’t know whether I still have the determination in me to pull through.  We’ll see…:)

I’ll leave you here with a couple of pictures from the month that was….

At the magnificent Meydan Racecourse for the Dubai World Cup 2010!

Raz, my partner-in-crime, was back from the UK for a couple of weeks. So glad we managed to catch up. Check out his long-flowing locks!! 🙂

At a shoot for Mingguan MStar with Wincci and Owen. Thanks Xavier! 🙂

Taipei 101!

Love, Bel

5 comments on “Life so far..

  1. farah

    I love reading ur blog BeL. You’re awesome.
    Oh btw, where’s Raz now? He used to work for 8tv right?
    his long locks is cool but not suitable for him..haha

  2. Jn

    hi Bel C,

    Happy to read that life is good … married life is good. myself a follower/fan of your page since quite some time ago ( can’t really remember when, but that time in your page you mentioned that you are at a junction to decide whether to take up some ad job which might pose some risk/effect to your carreer/life journey)

    *hint* in fact the above thoughts you have is the cause that myself see the difference in you and stuck to your page since then.

    cheers.. take care


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