Saturday June 3, 2006

I’ve managed to spend a fortune at Forever21 and the shop has only been open for a week or so! You girls HAVE to go there! Their stuff is relatively cheap, a decent top sells for about RM80 and I even bought a dress for RM119!! I’ve bought almost all the different coloured bead necklaces there were there and they were about RM35 each. I’ve been there twice already and they were not kidding when they said their styles were ever changing. Apparently, they make limited quantities of each styles and that in some patterns only 2 of each sizes have been brought in so there are less chances of a “oh-my-god-she’s-wearing-the-same-top/dress/skirt” moment! Oh! How I love this shop….hehehehe…..please sponsor me!

On the workfront, everything’s going well. I’m really enjoying hosting this new show. It’s so fun and so not serious and working with Ferhad and Roshan, 2 of the funniest ‘dorks’ I’ve ever met is just pure entertainment! I’ve been kept busy daily, working in production, organising and securing celebs to come on our show, brain storming games and helping my wonderful producer Elena with whatever else she needed help with. I kinda thought that dealing with artistes/celebs and their managers/assistants is not going to be an easy task but so far so good. Most of them have been pretty enthusiatic about it and really co-operative as well.

Go get New Man magazine this month!! I’m ‘ON THE COVER’ with Amber Chia and a whole lot of other celebs. When I saw the cover, I actually felt a bit embarassed because the rest of the celebs were all big names, May & Choy, Jien, Stephanie Chai and like…Belinda Chee, who the hell is that?? If I weren’t me and I saw the cover, I’d be thinking, this girl is so over her head thinking she can be on the same page as all these celebs. But well it’s all done now and it is for a charity auction so I’d really like to do my bid for the environment. Chak, the editor, if you’re reading this, Top 10 Live started end of last month(when you interviewed me), not end of this month(when the magazine’s published)!! And you gave me a different surname on your invite…unless of course, Belinda Lee is really gonna be there! I still appreciate all you’ve done for me though! hehehehe…. Go get the magazine because there’s an invite in there to go to New Man’s 3rd Anniversary happening at Zouk, June 17th where all the items featured in the magazine will be auctioned off. I’m auctioning off a Nikon digital camera… come and bid for it ok?

Anyways, remember to tune in toTOP 10 LIVE on Hitz.TV every WEDNESDAY 3-4pm with a repeat on Friday at 10-11am. I think there is another repeat at night but I’ll have to double check that. For this coming week’s show, we have the band Deja Voodoo Spells performing and Sazzy Falak as our interview guest. And if any of you would like to be part of the audience, just email us a [email protected] for more details. That’s all for now. Hope to hear from you guys soon. Bel


New Man Magazine Cover, June 2006. Notice the tip-toes…

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  1. bellisa

    Bel I don’t know who all the other ‘big’ celebs are, but to me you’re the most well known of all of em!! Post up the cover so we NM (non-malaysians) can have a peek.

  2. teenEd

    Can you kindly please put up the cover on this page like what you did for your FHM?? I have no idea what magazine you are talking as I am now oversea ^_^
    Oh, and thanks for tellling everyone about the Forever 21 shop! I am so going to spend my foreign money when I am back for my summer holiday (finally!!)

  3. gwendilicious

    hey!! i love forever21 too!! spent like almost RM400 thre already!!!! hahaaha..and yes, i went there last week and this week i went again, theres new stuff! wow thats fast huh? i dont think the price is reasonable for those cottony clothes, those are like RM80! but the price of your dress is REALLY reasonable 🙂

    you look so cute on the cover!! 🙂

  4. StonedEwok

    Bel! I can’t believe you’re on the cover of a national mag, props to you 🙂

    I think it easily beats my monobrow on the cover of Blitz 🙁

    …and who cares about all the celebs, it’s all irrelevant really!

    Congrats on everything, sounds like you’re really making something of yourself in Malaysia!

    p.s. since you were last here, none of the media gang have seen each other, lol you must come back soon


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