Sunday February 4, 2007

Check out all the chicks in this video!


0 comments on “Sunday February 4, 2007

  1. kimfluttersby

    hey that’s a nice one babe… lotsa familiar faces there. nice song too… 🙂 u looked so carefree n natural.

    that was a good read on ur trip to Dubai… very informative and real…:) think i received too many forwarded mails on Dubai.. didn’t know how much they “photo-shopped” those pics. haha… tcare babe.

  2. karenispink

    Saw this video on kinkybluefairy. I think it’s really cool and the song’s great. It reminds me of the tamer less clautrophobic version of Prodigy’s Smack My bitch up.

    btw,just noticed you’re just 3 days older than me and we share the same surname. How coincidental! HA!


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