Monthly Archives: April 2010

Life so far..

Hi all, Just a quick lil update of my life, so far. 😉 Married life is good, I feel so blessed. Joe is working hard to earn money so I don’t have to work…hehehe…I have a mother-in-law who takes great care of everyone in the house, so I always have food to eat irregardless of what time I get up or get back home. Work has been steadily streaming in, […]

Start Ahead, Stay Ahead!

Perhaps the nagging questions on every school leavers’ minds are, What should I do now? Should I start work? Should I continue with studies? What do I want to study? What do I want to be when I grow up? Years ago, I’ve had to answer those difficult questions for myself. I had a very short period of time and I was under lots of circumstances- being uprooted from Kuching, […]