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Keep Calm and Carry On

That’s my mantra ever since becoming a mum. It’s not easy being a mum. (Like, DUH! ) I mean really, the emotional roller coaster is just slightly overwhelming at times, even a year and a half in. I do admit that I’m a slightly more high-strung mum, therefore I might experience more break downs as compared to other mums out there. But I’m not ashamed to share whatever insecurities I […]

Growing up with Danielle Pt.2

Part 2 of Growing up with Danielle is finally up! Took me a while… hehehe….I’ve actually had this entire post drafted since early March, it was just the pictures which took slightly longer to edit etc. And add to the fact that I love to procrastinate…. 😛 Anyways, here it is!! Part 2 of Growing up with Danielle. Here are Dani’s progress and milestones from when she was 7 Months […]

Growing up with Danielle Pt.1

Hey all, Another mummy post. Bear with me…. That’s all I live and breathe about nowadays anyways. ;P I’ve spent a total of 13 months with my little girl and she has just started walking unassisted, exactly a week before turning 13 months! So far she’s hit every major milestone at an average pace and I’m proud to say that I’ve been there for each and every firsts. This post […]