Monthly Archives: December 2005

Saturday December 31, 2005

Here’s wishing everyone 12 months of HAPPINESS, 52 weeks of FUN, 365 days of SUCCESS, 8760 hours of GOOD HEALTH, 525 600 minutes of BLESSINGS, 3 153 600 secs of JOY! Happy New Year! 2006 babeh!!! Sorry I haven’t been updating, will do so soon! Have a great new year’s day!!!

Thursday December 22, 2005

Remember to watch the season premiere of BLAST OFF 2 tonight (23/12/2005) 8 p.m. on Channel 16 Hitz.TV!! It’s going to be a Live show so if any of you are up for it, do drop by the Orange Club in KL to be part of the live audience. I’ll see you guys then!!

Sunday December 18, 2005

One more week to CHRISTMAS!! YAY!!! I don’t know why but out of all the holidays in a year, I love Christmas the most! Maybe it’s because of the cheery christmas carols i hear on the radio and in shops. Maybe it’s all the presents and the tree and the ornaments and lights, maybe it’s just the christmas wrapping papers, I love Christmas wrapping papers!! Wouldn’t it be cool to […]

Tuesday December 13, 2005

I’m back!!! Came back from Singapore on Monday night after an exhausting weekend of shopping and partying! hehehe….First of all, I like Singapore, it’s very orderly, sales staff there are more courteous, I feel safe walking around by myself, even in a tube top on orchard road (very nice christmas lights!!), nobody stares or harrasses you, unlike here. I don’t mean to betray my own country or anything, but I’m […]

Monday December 5, 2005

Another week has come and gone. In a blink of an eye it’s already the first week of December! I remember last year about this time I’d be hanging with my girls on Bondi Beach, getting roasted under the 35 degrees, ozone burning sun rays. Ahhh…..that was the life. Now back in KL, this time of the year, we’re being bombarded by heavy rains almost everyday…..that just sucks big time […]