Sunday December 18, 2005

One more week to CHRISTMAS!! YAY!!!
I don’t know why but out of all the holidays in a year, I love Christmas the most! Maybe it’s because of the cheery christmas carols i hear on the radio and in shops. Maybe it’s all the presents and the tree and the ornaments and lights, maybe it’s just the christmas wrapping papers, I love Christmas wrapping papers!! Wouldn’t it be cool to have a job just designing wrapping papers… Anyways, can’t wait for Christmas to come!! I have no plans yet for Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve, any suggestions? hehehe…

Like I said in my previous post, the UVJs reunited for the OK! Malaysia Magazine Launch last Thursday. I picked the girls up from Xan’s place and once we got to Avenue K, on the red carpet, all the cameras started clicking away, it was pretty exciting, didn’t really know whether to just stand still or continue walking….. really felt like a big time celebrity for a while there. It was my first ever launch/event and I just felt a bit out of place. Didn’t know what to do. I was just hanging around the Hitz.TV crew all night when I was suppose to be mingling around making contacts. Xan’s a pro at this, I have to learn from her. SerenaC was the emcee for the night and mid-way through, they had a quiz segment and the prizes that were given out were fabulous! They were giving away a whole set of MAC makeup, Levi’s vouchers, Redken Hair Products and even a NOKIA 6111. I went up for the question or rather the challenge (to bring an October issue of OK! up on stage) and I won RM200 worth of Levi’s voucher and Redken Hair Products!! So happy!! I would’ve been happier if I won the MAC makeup though coz it looked so pretty in a little hamper, but I’m equally pleased with my RM200 Levi’s voucher! I can practically get another pair of super lows for nothing!!
* Side Note: after typing this paragraph, I realised I don’t really know when to use ‘was’ and when to use ‘were’. Teach me please?*

My post won’t be complete without pictures right?
The girls with MC SerenaC

With Anne, we both went and got our makeup done for that night. Hehehe…..vain eh?

Me, Xan, Sexy Hannah Tan, SerenaC and Jay. Hannah is by far the best looking and friendliest celebrity there that night.

The Wash Room Princess….

The girls with sexy Na-O-Mie and FBI Sajeera.

With Ean and Pietro

The celebrities, they were all clad in Carven Ong, got made up by MAC and came to the event in Limos.
From Left: Ethel Cho, Rafidah from 3R, Jeslina Hashim, Gloria Ting, Tiara Jacquelina, Hannah Tan, Sazzy Falak, Yasmin Hani, Marion Caunter, Dunno who, Ida Nerina, Mariam Adam, May/Choy Wan air kissing Camelia. I didn’t want to look like I was desperate, so I took this picture from afar. hahaha…..

Anyways, remember the gig I told you guys that was coming up for me soon, well, now that we’ve had the press conference and all that I guess it’s safe to announce that I’ll be co-hosting Blast Off Season 2 with Ean and Mariam (Adam from celebrity list above). Blast Off is a talent search show produced by Hitz.TV, but instead of looking for ‘singers’, we’re in search of bands and vocal groups and the winners from each category will each walk away with a recording contract and RM20,000!! It is apparently the most exposed show on Hitz.TV so I’m really excited to be apart of it. My role is pretty small, I’m in charge of getting ‘personal’ with the bands and vocal groups, to get to know them on a more individual level, putting a more human aspect to the show, besides the musical aspect. But I guess any sort of exposure/experience will be good for me. And I’m so stoked that the show will start next week! Can’t wait!! Nervous and excited at the same time! To find out more about Blast Off, check out

Ok kids, I better go now. Will keep you guys updated.


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  1. chukwang

    Hey everyone.. mah church GLAD TIDINGS PETALING JAYA is having a really good christmas play on the 23rd and 24th of Dec. Its really good. Come and share the spirit of christmas. There will also be performances by bands and lots of other things to do. Come do something different for christmas. Belinda… sorry ah. getting some publicity for it. Would love if u posted a blog about it.. haha. 🙂 Get more info by calling Karen Lau at 0122210379. See ya there. Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!


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