Tuesday December 13, 2005

I’m back!!! Came back from Singapore on Monday night after an exhausting weekend of shopping and partying! hehehe….First of all, I like Singapore, it’s very orderly, sales staff there are more courteous, I feel safe walking around by myself, even in a tube top on orchard road (very nice christmas lights!!), nobody stares or harrasses you, unlike here. I don’t mean to betray my own country or anything, but I’m just stating the fact that if i walk around in a tube top here in Sg Wang or Bukit Bintang, guys tend to stare and wolf-whistle and things like that and it makes me feel uncomfortable and harrassed. I do plan to go work in Singapore if things do not work out here so….yeah, call me a traitor, I don’t care.

Clockwise from Left: Singapore Night Skyline, The Esplanade (or the 2 durians), Pretty Christmas Lights on Orchard Rd, Candle-lit Christmas Tree, Arty Deco, Reflecting pool in front of Esplanade.

Enough about that, lets move on to the partying part! Zoukout…..well…it was memorable, but quite disappointing. For me at least. I had 2 groups of friends who went and I went with my sis, her hubby and 3 of her hubby’s friends. We left my sis’s apartment around 11:00pm that night and got stuck in a massive jam going into Sentosa Island. By the time we got in and parked, it was about 12 midnite. Walked about 10 minutes to the ‘supposed’ entry way to Siloso Beach and was told that the shortcut was closed and we had to wait for the shuttlebus. There were about 200 people waiting for the shuttle bus so we decided to walk the long way, like around the island, to get to the beach. After about a 20 minute walk, we finally reached the entrance. A friend of mine, Sam, who had my ticket, boarded the shuttle and to our surprise, we, on foot, arrived sooner than the shuttle bus because of the jam caused by the gazillion taxis allowed to bring people in. That was Part 1.

Part 2, when we got to the entrace, there was an insanely wide and long line formed to get in. Was in the queue for maybe about 20 minutes and that was when Sam arrived on the bus. Once we got in, we got our bags checked and I thought, alright! time to party!! But NO, wait a minute, there was another wide and long line! By then, I was bursting to go to the toilet and there was one nearby so I went. Lo and Behold! Another line for the toilet!! There were only 3 toilet cubicles and about 4 shower rooms, and some girls decided to go in the shower rooms. I couldn’t wait any longer so guiltily, I pee-peed in the shower room and flushed it down by turning the shower on. After what felt like eternity waiting in line, we finally got our hand tags and felt sand on our toes at about 1:40am!

The rest of the night was just one queue after the next. We had to queue up to get drink coupons, then we had to line up to get our drinks, we had to queue to get food, go to the portaloos. The spoiler of the night though was the rain! Just as Armin Van Buuren started spinning at about 3:30 am, the winds started to pick up and 2 secs later, literally, it started pouring!! I don’t know whether it was sheer instinct or playing safe on my sis’s part but just before, she was queueing up to go to the loo and saw a whole bag of clean garbage bags on the side and took a few just in case it rained! So when it did ran, we had the garbage bags which we made into ponchos!! So many people were amused by our ingenuity and asked us for the self-made ponchos. Before long quite a few people were in garbage bags and walking around happily, unperturbed by the rain! hehehe…..

My only enjoyable moment there was at the RnB/HipHop stage. My sis and I went to that side of the beach for a while when we first got there and danced happily to all the ‘Ghetto-Heaven-Like’ songs being played. I went again after the rain stopped and danced by myself before I was invited by this Indonesian student to join him and his friends on the dancefloor. It was great, made some friends, danced to some good music, but i was sober as and couldn’t be bothered to go get drink because of the queue. We left only about 6 a.m. We actually wanted to wait till sunrise but it looked like a really cloudy day so we guessed we won’t be able to see the sun rise clearly and decided to go get breakfast instead. And that was it! Didn’t see any good looking guys, spotted a few local celebrities, didn’t get picked up, got rained at…..hehehe…. Like I said, memorable but disappointing. I don’t think I’ll be back again next year. It’s too much of a hassle to go for a rave. Will post up pictures later. So tired now.

Picture Time!

Queue after Queue…..

We’re in!! Finally!! My sis looks sleepy already.

The RnB Podium and Stage

My one and only drink that night, with sis and Alex RX8

Me, Swee, Eleana and Steven

With Alex and the Indonesian students.

The ‘Trance’ Stage

Armin Van Buuren

Rain, rain go away…

Us in our ‘ponchos’

With SexySam drenched in the rain

Obviously, because I’m such a cam whore there are lots more pictures, but I shall save my upload space for other pictures. Going for the OK Magazine Launch tomorrow. It’ll be a mini UVJ-reunion and a time to mingle with local celebs. Will update about that then. Till then, take care and be safe!! Especially to all my Sydney friends, in light of the recent racial riots, be careful and stay out of trouble.


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