Monthly Archives: January 2007

Monday January 29, 2007

I owe you guys lots and lots of pictures!! But I can’t post any pictures from my new show just yet, but I’ll link the website when it’s ready, so be patient for that ya? Here are the pictures from my trip to Dubai last Christmas. My uncle (my mum’s brother) has an architectural firm there and we went there mainly for the company’s annual dinner(coz my mum works for […]

Thursday January 18, 2007

I’m back in KL after 2 weeks on the road!! I’ve been travelling around Peninsular Malaysia doing all sorts of things for this new travelogue that I’m in! I actually got back 2 days ago but we’re still shooting in and around KL right now, and everytime I want to blog, the internet connection is so slow that I just give up and go to sleep! As a matter of […]