Thursday January 18, 2007

I’m back in KL after 2 weeks on the road!! I’ve been travelling around Peninsular Malaysia doing all sorts of things for this new travelogue that I’m in! I actually got back 2 days ago but we’re still shooting in and around KL right now, and everytime I want to blog, the internet connection is so slow that I just give up and go to sleep!

As a matter of fact, I feel so sleepy now….So sorry guys, it’s really been pretty hectic, as much as I want to tell you guys about the amazing journey I’ve been on, I can’t, and I’m too tired to do so. I’ll leave you with just one picture…..

Take care all, I promise I’ll update more next week when we finish shoot.


Oh, btw, thanks for all your concern. I wasn’t in Bangkok when the bombing happened. I came back just the day before. To think that I was walking the exact same street where the bomb exploded….

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