Monthly Archives: June 2008

Thursday June 26, 2008

Ok Ok….I know, I’ve been back from LA for almost a week and still no post. Well, I’ve been busy catching up with work and I have so many pictures I didn’t know where to start. I’ve finally uploaded all the nicer ones, which are more than enough for a substantial picture blog. So enjoy!! Day 1 Arrived about 6pm in the evening. Got to the hotel by about 9pm. […]

Saturday June 14, 2008

Leaving for Los Angeles, California in less than 20 hours. So so excited!!! About both the interviews and just being in LA! Not looking forward to the 20 hour flight though. Anyways, will be back in a week. Will update more then! Take care peeps!! Bel

Monday June 2, 2008

Another month has come and gone, I know, I have been neglecting this blog for a bit. But thank you all so much for still visiting the blog daily even when I haven’t updated. I just got back from Penang yesterday. A shout-out to all my readers in Penang, a few actually came up to me to say hi, appreciate it! I was in Penang all weekend for my best […]