Monday June 2, 2008

Another month has come and gone, I know, I have been neglecting this blog for a bit. But thank you all so much for still visiting the blog daily even when I haven’t updated.

I just got back from Penang yesterday. A shout-out to all my readers in Penang, a few actually came up to me to say hi, appreciate it! I was in Penang all weekend for my best friend’s wedding. I have 3 BFFs whom I’ve known since we were 10 years old. Here’s a picture of us from 1999, right after Form 5.
Me, Kai Ching, Melee and Angie back then……

This is us now…
I guess we haven’t changed that much in 10 years, in terms of physical appearance that is, but our lives have definitely gone beyond our wildest dreams as 18 year olds.

Kai Ching has now changed her name to Karen Park. She may look petite and demure, but inside, she’s a gutsy businesswoman, whom after graduating, went to Shanghai to work all by herself, not knowing anyone and worst still, not knowing how to read or write Mandarin! She got transfered to California not long after, where she currently runs her own company and is now married to Korean-American, Edgar, a corporate lawyer.


Lucy Liu and Cameron Diaz aka Melee and Angie..
Melee is now officially Dr Tan after 6 years in Med School and future Mrs Tan! hehehe…. The irony of dating a guy with the same surname!
Angie, although being the only one still residing and working in Kuching, is no less successful. She has single-handedly published a monthly magazine called “Happenings in Sarawak” where you can find all the information you’d need to know on where to go, what to do and where to eat in Sarawak. She is Kuching’s ‘It’ girl.

Since we left high school, the four of us have been studying in different parts of the world and through it all, we’ve been able to maintain close contact (thanks to technology) and after so many years of not being able to gather everyone at one place, last weekend, we were finally reunited and it felt like we were never apart. We were all creating ruckus again like school-girls!

The girls with Karen’s hubby, Ed da man…

This time of course, we brought our ‘partners’ and surprisingly, they got along real well too!! This is so ‘Sex in the City’ right?? hehehehe….

It was a double celebration for us last weekend coz not only did Karen get married, it was also Melee’s birthday! So we went out to celebrate after the wedding reception. A friend of mine, who is a local boy brought us to some of the most happening nightspots in Penang – Bagan, then to Mois.
The guys having a Cigar break at Bagan

The girls getting hot and sweaty in a really packed MOIS club. Sounds wrong doesn’t it? hehehe…

Although the Penang food we had this time around weren’t that great and it was raining almost everyday, being there with my best friends and being able to hang out with them and catch up just like old times made it so memorable.

I’ll be meeting Karen again soon because…..I’m going to LA mid this month!! This is going to be a work trip but I’ve never been to North America so I’m really really excited. It’s for another Press Junket where I’ll be interviewing the cast and crew of another movie which is coming out soon. Check back here for more updates!

OK guys, really sleepy now. Hope you’ve enjoyed this post as much as I’ve enjoyed my weekend. Take care and God Bless everyone!!


Oh! Btw, I’m finally on Facebook after many months of resisting the ‘dark side’. Look me up!!

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  2. missycheerio

    heya. 🙂
    you have the same surname as me Chee as well,what are the odds that we might be related!
    ahhh kidding,i love your sense on humor on TV,and not to mention the smile.


  3. pwho

    What an update! So who’s Chatlotte and who’s Samantha? Gees.. I really think I’ve been away for too long.. Seriously thinking of getting a ticket back to Kuching..


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