It’s a ‘Whole New’ Belle World!

Hey all!

I’m back!!! Yes, my whole site has gone through a revamp and we’re now all grown up and sophisticated! No longer pink and girly…:) How do you guys like the site so far? Still doing some little tweaks here and there, but this is the look and feel that I want. Thanks to Bryan from FlyBoxStudio for helping me out with the creation of my site.

It’s been a while since my last update, yea, last update was in Sept 2010!! Hope it’s not too late to wish all my loyal blog readers a happy 2011!! I spent my New Years with my family in Singapore.

Having New Year’s Eve Dinner with my family

Being a good aunty and bringing Claire on a Carousel ride at East Coast Park. She’s turning 2 this year!!

My life was solely dedicated to  ‘A Time To Embrace <<追影。筑梦>> since August of last year. We’ve been shooting day in day out till December, and without realizing, a full month has passed and it’s already now on air!!

Hope you’ve all been diligently watching it. We’re now already on Ep. 12! Truth be told, I cringe every time I see myself on the show, there are definitely a lot more things I can improve on to make my performance better. Of course, according to my acting coach, you’d have to look at bad performances to learn from it so I am taking notes and learning from every mistake I make so next time if I have the chance to act again, I’ll try to apply everything I’ve learned and hopefully churn out a better performance for everyone. 😉

On location at the Khoo Kongsi in Penang

But I must say, everyone else did a really good job and the story is only getting more interesting as we move along the episodes. So please do continue on to support ya! I vote Tong Bing Yu and Henley Hii for Best Actress and Actor in the next Golden Awards!!! 🙂

The 8 of us have grown close after 5 months of shooting together! We really hope you’ll continue to support ‘A Time to Embrace’ and make us the most watched local drama series in Malaysia!!!

At the moment, my schedule’s still quite forgiving – photoshoots here and there, doing interviews to promote ATTE, catching up with friends – but after CNY I’ll have 2 new projects to work on. Will let you guys in on what those projects are in due time. 🙂

Anyways, I’ll end here for today. Keep checking back for more new updates! Bel’s gonna start blogging again! Yay!!

Love, Bel

2 comments on “It’s a ‘Whole New’ Belle World!

  1. Yvonne

    Hi Belinda, caught an episode of de drama last nite.. Was surprised to see u acting in a mandarin drama.. Didn’t know tat u’d speak de language 🙂 anyway, keep up de good job..


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