Monday July 2, 2007

So I just got back from Singapore after a great weekend away, shopping and most importantly, to catch Christina Aguilera LIVE in concert!! (Yes, I’m a big fan!) As expected, she put on a great show and her voice was just amazing. The set was very simple but her wardrobe was a whole different story. Designed specially for her by Roberto Cavalli, she changed in between every song and each outfit looked skimpier than the next. In between songs from her ‘Back to Basics’ album, she sang a couple of old songs e.g Come On Over and What A Girl Wants, but they were remixed, big band style. Things started to pick up as her whole ensemble came together for Lady Marmalade and she ended the show with Fighter which got the whole crowd up on their feet. My favourite performance for the night was when she sang Hurt, no frills, just her on the stage with the mic, belting the song out. I couldn’t really see her face from where I was but I took quite a few pictures and videos, I’ll post them up in a bit. As for the Great Singapore Sale, I bought 3 pairs of shoes and a whole bunch of dresses!! Very very happy!!

xIMG_0941 \
The Ticket

The Stage

Her entrance – Ain’t No Other Man

Snapshot of the screen

On the table

The circus before ‘Baby Jane’ came on stage.

Another one of her corseted outfits

Lady Marmalade


My favourite performance of the night!

One of the many transitions, this video featured Christina in raunchy poses. “I’ve got Trouble”

“Candyman” – Love this song!

After the concert, Joe and I took a cab over to Clark Quay. I haven’t been there in a while now and boy has it changed! It’s such a nice place to chill out! Lots of pubs, restaurants and clubs all line up the street, which was now roofed and airconditioned! We had supper consisiting of tapas and paellas at Tapas Tree and it was one of the best I’ve tasted in a while!! Conincidentally, when we were there, they had a weekend market set up with all sort of stalls selling accessories, clothings, shoes and bags and souvenirs. I went a bit cuckoo and bought quite a few accessories from there. Honestly, I’d recommend anyone who hasn’t been to Clark Quay in Singapore to take time out on your next trip to just go there and soak up the atmosphere! It’s great!

The roof over Clark Quay

Outside Ministry of Sound, one of the clubs located at Clark Quay, love the cartoon walls! Decided not to go in though.

One of my favourite purchases from the weekend market. I ME

I got to go catch the premiere of Transformers last week. It was one of the best movies I’ve seen in a while! You don’t have to be a fan to enjoy the film, you don’t even have to know the names of the robots (in disguise…hehe), it was a great Sci-Fi Action film in general. At first, I didn’t understand all the hype, but having seen the movie, I’m transformed! hahaha….Pardon the pun, can’t help it!!

My Citta Bella article is out!! For once, I actually think I look better in those pictures than I do in real life.
The first 2 pages of the article….anyone care to translate?

Remember I told you about the temporary hair extensions I had on for this picture? Well, I want to go get it extended for real, hopefully soon. heheheh…so I can look like me in this picture.

Clip on bangs, the rest are all my own hair.

I had clip-on bangs for this one as well, mushroom head!

OK peeps, gotta run now, till the next post take care and be safe!


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    About the Chinese magazine…How the heck did thy find out your name in Chinese while you can’t read it? 😛 Anyway the Chinese heading reads as “The Philosophy of Life at your Pleasure”; just a VERY loose translation; you don’t know how artistic and complicated Chinese can be, do you? 😛


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