Monday September 25, 2006

Time for another update.

Langkawi was awesomely fabulous! The Andaman at Datai Bay was BEAUTIFUL!! The weather was great, for the most parts at least….and the crew that went was the best! I didn’t realise lil Andy-Pandy was so famous!! Almost every young girl at the airport to and fro from Langkawi wanted to take pictures with him!!! Jealous-nya!! Hehehe.. Will post up more pictures soon….be patient ok? Meanwhile…here’s one to whet your appetite for more….
The deep blue Andaman sea / Datai Bay

I’ve offended certain people on my blog by not saying the right things about a certain magazine I was in. I’m not sure if it’s appropriate to bring it up again but I think I’d sleep better if I knew it was out in the open. One loyal reader of the mag who reads my blog told the people from the magazine and they pointed it out to me that it was not nice of me to say such things about them when all they wanted to do was help ‘expose’ me. I sincerely apologise about the comment, but I can’t take it back now because it’s all out in the open. I guess it was all my fault because I didn’t put much thought or research when writing my blogs, I just write them as the truths I know of. I’m sorry I didn’t realise that they were distributed south east asia wide and in hotels, travel agencies and that they’re also sold in major bookstores nationwide. I’m sorry I didn’t look good in any of the pictures and it really wasn’t the quality of the pictures that were bad, it was the quality of the model. I am grateful for the chance and if I’d ever, at the slightest chance of appearing on that mag again, or any other mags for that matter, rest assured I’d do my research first before I write any comments or I’ll just keep my mouth shut and post the pictures….

The shoots I’m doing for the TV series is getting quite tiring and all consuming. I’ve missed a lot of activities for the past few weeks because I’ve been shooting almost everyday, averagely from about 7am to 7pm. And although I’m tired everyday and my legs feel like they’re permanently sore… I’m enjoying myself and I think I’m not too bad at this. I might be better at acting than I am hosting… Don’t take my word for it though, I’m just telling my own truths.

Latest News:
* I’ll be featured in the October issue of CLEO magazine for Forever21. Do check it out!

* The Hitz.TV Crew will be following me around tomorrow while I go for a photo shoot for VMag as part of a new segment of Hitz Central ‘A Day In The Life of a Hitz.TV VJ’ I’ll let you guys know when that comes out.

* Be sure to watch Hitz.TV this coming Saturday, 8pm (or maybe the next, will re-confirm when I know for sure), to catch the special episode of Hitz Central at The Andaman with myself and Andy.

* My voice is the one captioning the October Box Office Movies teaser on Astro!! The one about the 9 reasons to watch Astro Box Office…hehehe…. If you’ve heard and seen it, do let me know how you think I did….I’m getting into doing voiceovers as well now.

Till the next blog….

0 comments on “Monday September 25, 2006

  1. justinezlife_jeffnie

    welcome back, Bel!

    it sucks to sometimes offend someone unknowingly eh?but it’s good that you brought it out to the public-and that’s why, I love your pennings! it’s so honest =) much work,so little time!

  2. teenEd

    I m not good in saying sweet words but one thing that keeps me coming back to your site is because this blog shows the true you (ie. you are not trying to be someone you are not) and I like that. You featuring the Cleo magazine for Forever 21, does that mean that Forever 21 is sponsoring their clothes for you? Weee….i remembered reading one of your blogs about u liking that shop ^_^ Welcome back to blogging. Hope that I get the chance to see you in those magazines that you mentioned when I am back home in Malaysia. Take good care of yourself. God bless

  3. Debbie

    Though i’m like so way behind as this was 3 years back’s post,
    i can’t help but to comment here.
    Some people are just to free to do all those silly things behind people.
    I don’t think you did something wrong though!
    everyone has the right to voice out their opinion.
    Besides,those people might have add some flavour into the story.
    So yea, just don’t bother about them.


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