Saturday September 6, 2008

I know…I’ve been whining a bit lately. But cut the girl some slack will you? How often do I complain and whine? Most of my post are picture posts. Maybe like once a month I get a bit emo (PMS!!) and write a lengthy word post which attracts controversy? hehehe…. Anyways, no time to whine, leaving for Austria and Switzerland in a couple of hours. Will be back by Friday. Europe, here I come!!!


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  1. Anonymous

    HEY Bel i seldom watch Quickies but i AM watching the full ep right now and i gotta send u RESPECT and COMPLIMENT on todays episode girl!! U totally pulled out the NERD look and the ‘YOUR COMPUTER GOT VIRUS AH NVM I CAN HELP YOU’ and ‘THE VIRUS GO THRU MY EAR HOW’ and such jokes really CRACKS ME LMAO MAN!!! GOOD IMPROVEMENT so KEEP IT UP!! KUDOS!


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