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You might’ve watched a local movie or TV Series recently and were impressed by it’s cinematography and story line, or maybe you’re a musician who thinks that your music deserves to be awarded, well then, maybe you should nominate them or yourselves for 8TV’s SHOUT! Awards.

8TV is coming up with the first-of-its-kind, hip and cool award show in July and we want you to send in your nominations!! There are 4 main categories and 16 awards altogether in contention. All production houses, channel owners and radio stations are eligible to nominate your own shows or personalities for the awards. Below are all the award categories up for grabs!


Rockstar Award (For the Best Rock Act)

Popstar Award (For the Best Pop Act)

Power Vocal Award (Powerful Vocals Awards)

Flava Award (Hip Hop / R&B Awards)

Break Out Award (Best New Act)  


Best On Screen Chemistry (1 pair)

Fresh TV Series Award (New TV Series including Dramas and / or Sitcoms)

Breakthrough Film Award

Favorite TV Program (Non Drama)

Favorite TV Host  


Coolest Radio Announcer

Favorite Radio Show  


Stylo Award (Most Stylish Awards)

Hot Chick Award

Hot Guy Award

The Ultimate Shout! Award (The Ultimate TV/Music/Movie Personality of the Year!)

So start sending in your nominations now because the dateline for entry is the 30th April 2009. Once the nominations come in, a panel of  judges will choose 5 finalist out of the many entries to contest for each award. Then, it’ll be up to you, members of the public to vote for your favourite. For more information, you can log on to Stay tuned for more on the Shout! Awards here as well! Have a great week everyone!


Love, Bel

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