Sunday April 16, 2006

Now….for the overdue account of my week in Sydney. Had lots to eat, met up with good friends and shopped like crazy. There were no plans for the 8 days we were there and 6 out of the 8 days were spent shopping. It was such a pity that we didn’t get a chance to go to the beach though because the weather was pretty cold to be frolicking by the beach. Anyways, here’s my week in Sydney…in pictures…

On the way to Sydney…..

“~Snowflakes that form on my plane cabin window……These are a few of my favourite things…~”
I love studying snowflakes everytime I fly to a colder country because they come in such exciting shapes! I mean honestly, who would’ve thought that snowflakes are shaped like they’re drawn in cartoons and christmas cards? Don’t you think it’s just fascinating how water can turn into ice in such interesting shapes all by themselves??

Late night supper/coffee….

The best place in Sydney to get your chocolate fix! They have everything from chocolate shots, to fondue, to iced/hot chocolate, chocolate cakes, souffles…..just thinking about the fondue now makes my mouth water…. There’s a Max Brenner bar in Singapore (At the Esplanade Mall if anyone’s wondering) but there’s none here and it’s impossible to bring in because the chocolates are Isreali chocolates….and I don’t know what the beef is between Malaysia and Isreal, but nothing from Isreal can make it into Malaysia.

Dominic, our host, being silly…..hahahaha…..I laugh out loud everytime I see this picture……

Of course we shall not forget the main reason why Joe and I were in Australia in the first place.

With the ‘Award Winning Engineer’ during breakfast, before heading to the Uni for the ceremony.

This was something new at our Uni (we probably helped pay for it!). It’s basically a convenience store in a vending machine and it provides students with around the clock essentials like water, chips, sweets, even condoms, panadol strips, period pads…and get this, they even sell Listerine!! hehehe….. Here’s Dom having a go at it. And guess what he bought……

The celebrated 3 dollar bottle of Mount Franklin still water…….I know… “jakun”* right?
*jakun= swaku= hillbilly

“Hey! I’m not a nerd, ok??” says the winner of the Graham Painton Prize for best manufacturing thesis…..hehehhe…

“It’s ok, you’re a cool nerd coz you have me by your side” says the proud and happy girlfriend….

“Now, my brothers, are you ready to join the brotherhood of certificate wielding nerds?” asked the head nerd….

“Don’t you dare mess with me, coz you’ll be messing with the brotherhoood” says the head nerd’s gf. hahahaha….
Ok…so the story’s not quite coherent, but I thought it was funny…..hahaha….. Don’t we all looked like we’ve just attended a funeral or something?

We celebrated that night with a hearty meal of grilled ribs (yummy!!) at Hurricane’s Grill at Bondi Beach.

The next few days were spent…..

Shopping….. (and finding your name on a Just For Men’s signboard…hehehe )

and eating……..(The best Thai food I’ve ever had – Thainatown on Goulbourn St.)

and more shopping……(Sydney’s Paddy’s Market in Chinatown….)

and more food…….(The best Dim Sum ever…….at Kam Loong in Chinatown. This here is my cousin, Basil, enjoying the Siu Mai and Ha Kau with us)

Joe and I were having dinner at this tiny Japanese place near Darling Harbour and I think the land must be sinking quite badly because we had to drink our Miso soup at a 45° angle!! (Use the door as horizontal check…)

Of course, we also went out for drinks and to club at night…..

Here I present to you, the hottest Asian chics in Sydney!! hehehe….. (Sorry I had to post a picture up of you with your eyes closed, Hazel! This is the only group pic I had!)

With the boys, L-R, Dom, Joe and AC, at this new club in World Tower called Equilibrium.

Dinner with the old Media gang at this German Bar at the Rocks – Lowenbrau. L-R : Anj, Me, Isa, Matt, Gina and Hazel

I also had a day out with just the girls….

Having lunch with Isa and Anj at Balmoral….that was the closest I went to a beach!

It was a beautiful day (although quite windy) and the view was equally as stunning.

I love both these pics, taken by the ever so talented and creative, Miss Angela.

The magnificent bridges….

The Anzac Bridge

The ‘oh-so-famous’ Sydney Harbour Bridge…..I’m in awe everytime I cross this bridge….

Well, I guess that concludes my little vacation back to Sydney. I had a fantastic time – just shopping, hanging out with my friends and eating of course. Now it’s back to reality, and it’s like I’ve been away for too long. My phone doesn’t ring at all, except from Joe, and I’ll be jobless for the rest of the month!! ( At least for now….) What am I gonna do?!? Might just go for another holiday(?!?)….hehehe…. Till my next entry..take care peeps!!


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