This is THE year!

I haven’t had inspiration to blog lately. Been pretty busy, getting things ready for the wedding, attending events, working on the show, going for auditions. I feel like this is THE year, the year for me to be the best that I can be. I’m turning 27 this year and I haven’t achieved half the things that I’ve wanted to in my life yet. And the truth is, it’s possible to do whatever I want, it just takes a lot of hard work and determination. This is the year for all my dreams to come true. 

This year, I’ve set myself up to learn, to gain more wisdom and to improve in areas I’ve always lagged in. I just started my Mandarin lessons today, I’m going to take up Vocal classes and also, I started jogging again yesterday, and I vow to do it every other day. I might even run in the KL Marathon this coming June. 

This year also, I’m going to try to do more for charity. For those of you in doubt, I do donate a sum of money to WWF every year for their research and conservation efforts, but this year, I’m going to volunteer. I’m going to get my hands dirty. I want to be a responsible citizen of Planet Earth. 

By the end of this year, I’m hoping to be a better and improved me. Sounds like a New Year’s Resolution post right? hehehe…. Anyways, this might be THE year for you too! Maybe you’ve always wanted to take up dance lessons but have been shy all this while, maybe you want to quit smoking but never summoned enough will power to do so, or maybe you want to get out of a bad relationship that’s been dragging you down. Why not do it right now? Be the best that you can be, make all your hopes and dreams come true. This is THE year!! 🙂


Love, Bel

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  1. e3b

    Dance lesson….WAW.Tat point is really me.I always wanna attend but shy. Always procastinating it…LOL.Mayb i shud my this year MY year too!!It is actually my YEAR…COW!CoW YEAR!.

  2. yonglin


    nvr feel down bcuz of those who does not have the same thought as u…
    u r the king of ur own world n life,Queen i suppose..XD

    Take care

  3. Adrian Chan

    Heard you’re getting married to some dude, ahhh forgot his name !


  4. pundekman

    please do not run the kl marathon. The training will only make you thinner and pleeeaassseee. DO NOT lose any more weight! you are already like a stick!!!

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