Thursday November 16, 2006

The green page has gone on for far too long, like they say….out with the old, in with the new!! I feel like I’ve just repainted my room and I’m kinda liking it….for now!! hehehe….

** Edit : I’ve changed the colour of the font… was a bit hard to read before…..better now right? Maybe I should go premium, then I can edit my own xanga skin….

This is a narcissistic post… warned…

I actually had another haircut before I left for Muar for the shoot, because the Director thought that the previous fringe and general length was a bit too long. So….. I got another haircut, shorter fringe, shorter length. I can’t decide whether I like it or not. I was sweeping my fringe to the side, like I always do, in the beginning but recently, I decided to experiment a lil bit more.

I put my fringe down and tied my hair up when I emceed a Naza event. I think this is the only acceptable look for me, for now.

This was today. I didn’t dare go out with my hair down like this on normal days because I thought it’ll look too ‘severe’ (a little bit like Emily the Strange) but today, at the Harper’s Bazaar event, Snips Salon provided free hairstyling, so I got my hair blown out straight. I still don’t really like this look on me. When I was at Laundry Bar just then, so many people I called out to had to take a second look at me, they didn’t recognise me!! But I don’t blame them, even my dad had to take a second look when I came home the first day after the hair cut. He thought I brought a friend home when I first walked into the house…… Do I really look so different?? Maybe coz my big forehead was my trademark…and now I’m totally hiding it. hehehhee…..

I experimented with this scarf I bought from Forever21. It looked really Retro, but I can’t figure out what to wear with this look. hehehehe…..

Non-hair shot, experimented with a red lippie I just bought. I’ve never ever worn red lippie out in public before…

Anyways, my movie shoot is almost coming to an end. One more scene to do this Saturday and after that, we’ll just have to wait for the release. So far, everything seems to be going well. I found out that Adam from Dragon Red and Murat is also in the film!! They were featured as assassins!! hehehe….. After this film, I’ll be back to unemployed..

And well, no news from Hitz.TV yet about doing anything for them. We’ve just changed a new boss so everything that was pre-planned is now back to square one. Hopefully I can still continue to work with them in future.

On the other hand, I feel like I’ve found my ‘thing’ in acting. I really don’t mind the long hours or the waiting and i find it so fascinating to be able to become someone else, all the different experiences I can go through without being me. Anyone out there with a production company? Or has contacts with Directors/Producers, please refer me ya?? hehehe…Thanks!!

OK…I better end here for now. From next week on I’ll be pretty free so I might update more……watch this space alright? Take care peeps!!


0 comments on “Thursday November 16, 2006

  1. nightstar

    i think your new fringe gives so much prominence to your eyes..and your eyes are beaaautiful! so thats a good thing! and wow. you pull off the pink scarf sooo well! my small head and lack of forehead means i can’t really do the scarf thing..:( *envyenvy*

  2. Azzedin

    I think you should change the colour of the font because the pink background kinda makes it hard to read. Just a suggestion…

    And the pic with you wearing the scarf looks awesome.

  3. burnburn

    I think the 2nd pic of you with the Emily Strange look is great!
    Gives you much more character.

    lol, your comment about your scarf:
    “It looked really Retro, but I can’t figure out what to wear with this look. hehehehe…..” – subtlety for “I’ll wear nothing but this when I’m at home.”

    When management changes, it always sucks. They don’t know what to do with the new talent that they have on their list. Well, if you ever come back to Sydney and wanna act, I’m sure I can have a part for you in my films.
    I think you know Gladys, she’s in one of my films, titled “Blown”.

  4. zoescarlet

    I really like the 2nd and 3rd look. I think the 1st look is a bit more formal, looks a bit uptight? Or maybe because you wore it with a blazer.

    U shld tried the 2nd (sometimes we girls thinks a hairstyle doesnt suit us but in fact it looks really good to others) and 3rd look more often…. the 3rd look can be a bit boho or hippie sort of style.. alot of tunics with tights.. or long flowy skirts or maybe a nice dress.

    hope u dont mind a leave this comment! haha

  5. notindieenough

    i honestly think you should embrace the look. i think the fringe frames your face well.
    it doesn’t make you look full-on goth like emily strange, esp with the happy clothes you wear. =)

  6. kimfluttersby

    love your new hair.. just had mine cut, but very little / scarce fringe… just don’t have enough hair! grr… is your hair texture fine or thick? wish i have mine thicker. i like your sharp nose.. and the fringe defines it.

  7. bellisa

    Go premium! you can do soo much with it, not to mention the disappearance of that annoying banner. babe at this point I’ll be in Singapore around early Dec, please come visit, otherwise I’ll make the effort to come up! we have a lot to catch up on..

  8. ginapak

    Long time huh!!!! I think the fringe looks hot, I am totally getting a haircut.. and blaming u if all goes wrong. Sounds like your career is going well! remember us little media ppl from old Sydney when your flying high! congrats. Gina


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