Tuesday December 21, 2004

So…I got my initial test results back today and well….the career I’m heading towards is quite suitable for me, as a matter of fact. And to my shock, my numerical test scores were higher than average compared to a norm of  UNSW student….which comes as a real surprise for me. Apparently for the few questions I’ve answered, I’ve answered them accurately and that’s already better than the average UNSW student.

Anyways, because I am a bit of a perfectionist and I like things to be planned and organised and also because I am dutiful – as in I do as I am told and don’t like breaking rules, they suggest that I should be working in a more structured organisation with set out rules and regulations that I can follow. I’m more suitable in an assisting position…sadly.  (But i wouldn’t say that in my resume, would I??kekeke) The 3 main job category that they placed me in was firstly, in Entertainment, which i’m estatic about. Second, in a job that Helps people….e.g. customer service, nursing, etc…and the final one jobs which deals with Culture like the Arts and Music and stuff like that. Not too bad i guess. Probably won’t be able to be a big time TV producer, but i’ll be happy being an assistant producer. hehehe… But of course they reminded me that with experience, my personality and ability of things might change and I might be able to achieve my goals. So…here’s keeping my fingers crossed.

On a different note, I went to watch ‘Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events’ yesterday. It was alright, very weird storyline, I don’t know where to place the characters, they’re like not in 19th century Britian because they speak in an American accent, but their costumes suggests otherwise…..The girl that plays Violet (Emily Browning) is a Melbournian apparently, correct me if I’m wrong. She’s so pretty….looks a bit mixed.

Ok, will end here for now. Go watch the movie if you like Jim Carey coz he’s such a comic genius (as usual) as the villian. 4 more sleeps to Christmas!!

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  1. kimmik82

    they’re not showing tht movie in malaysia i think !$#* guess we’ll have to resort to pirated dvds. *grin* the little boy looks familiar, does anyone what previous show he was in?

  2. august_child

    i think you would prefer an assistant role because you like to get close up on the action and usually an assistant learns a great deal. eg. i remember you saying you wanted to be a producer, where else better to learn the skills of a producer than being a producer’s assistant. so, good thinking.

    you obviously have a pretty logical and sharp mind, don’t worry it won’t be long until someone spots these talents. that said, you should still be proactive in your ambition. i am very confident you will eventually achieve your goal.

    i didnt know the uni offered these sorts of services…

  3. marboy

    did you pay for that test or its a free service for all UNSW students?

    i dont really like jim carey but the movie looks great….i want to see it…

  4. BelindaC

    Yea…had to pay 50 bucks for the test. But well…i thought it was just a bit of money to spend on something quite interesting. I’ll get a written report in the end of all this, charting the different career pathways that i can strive towards. So…well…that’s a top in exchange for some bits of paper i guess. hehehe…:-)

  5. kimmik82

    thnks for the name. just checked out his filmography but haven’t seen any of them. i think i saw him on an episode of Law & Order…the only episode i saw of tht show. lol. he played a kid who saw the dad murder the mom. ugh. gruesome.

    the test thing..i once took something like tht, they made me match cards and stuff and i’m supposed to be an artist, writer (which is what i’m aiming for), social worker or nurse. =PP how can these results be so different. puzzling


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