Tuesday December 7, 2004

It’s 2 in the morning and I can’t sleep. Slept too much already today. That’s what you get when you stay at home alone all day- you snack, you watch tv and you nap. Well, for me at least.

I’ll wake up just in time to have a light lunch and watch Dr.Phill at 12-1. Then log on to the internet from 1-2, before tuning in to Oprah at 2-3, then Entertainment Tonight at 3-4… Then a lil nap….or the News then Price is Right. hehehe….Gosh….can you spell couch P-O-T-A-T-O? Rubbin’ it in aren’t I, Isa? hehehe….

Well, it’s not fun if u really wanna know. Feel so unproductive. So useless. I wonder how bums do it. Just sit all day doing nothing. And the labs in Uni are closed so i can’t edit the film clips i took in China. What should i do to fill my time?? “Exercise….” I hear myself say….”NooooOOooOoo……”  Washboard stomach for summer…here i come~!~ hehehe….

0 comments on “Tuesday December 7, 2004

  1. StonedEwok

    agreed with marboy!!

    the problem here bel is that you are too accustomed to being organised and diligent. LOL

    soon you will master the art of wasting an entire day without achieving ANYTHING….and possibly also borrow every single dvd from your local video store 😛

    sound good? hehe

    i can already hear you screaming “NOOOOOOOOO”….that is prolly your worst nightmare, haha 😉

    keep it real tiger!


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