Tuesday February 13, 2007

My cousin Yipp got married on the 1st of this month. I thought since today is Valentine’s, I’d post up all the lovey-dovey stuff. So here are some pictures of the wedding and the music video of my current favourite malay song by my favourite local band with my favourite DrummerBoy.

Yipp’s Wedding @ Sheraton Subang
The backdrop, very simple and meaningful. It says; I’ll be true to the promise we’ve made, and to you and to the One who gave you to me. Yipp and Jill

Jillian and Yipp, the newlyweds. It was a very fuss-free and relaxing wedding filled with nothing but love and well-wishes!

Me and my ‘all-grown up’ cousin sisters from Miri. I was going for the pale look with red lips and prominent eyelined eyes to go with my black and red ensemble but I didn’t have enough time to get ready, so the eyes were not prominent enough, the lips weren’t red enough and the face was too tanned to be pale. hehehe…all wrong….

Every guy’s bachelor’s night consist of almost the same things, right? Strippers, copious amount of alcohol, and maybe some male bonding karaoke session but well, for a good christian boy like my cousin, his friends made him complete several tasks; firstly he had to declare his love for his wife in 5 public areas, collect 30, 1 cent coins from the public and buy his wife a sexy lingerie. So if you guys were around The Curve one fine weekend, you might’ve seen my cousin walking around with this board around his neck and a loud hailer proclaiming his love for his wife-to-be and asking for 1 cent coins from you. So sweet……Things one would do for love…..

Estranged – Itu Kamu (It’s You)

This video was directed by a fellow Kuchingnite, award-winning director, Jack Wung. I have a feeling Estranged will win lots of awards with this song this year!! Here’s one of the boys chilling at Ruums KL after performing at the finals of Blast Off 3.
Clockwise from Left: AndyPandy the Drummerboy, Din, Rich AF4!, Hanafi and Ken = Estranged.

Dreams do come true!!!!
It was late one night, I was reading my February issue of OK! magazine when I saw that they were giving away tickets to the premiere of Dreamgirls if you’re able to answer a simple question and write a catchy 15 word-er of Having Dreams so I thought, why not, no harm trying. Sent it in, 2 days later, I got a call saying I won the tickets!! Yay!! When I got to Catcha’s office to collect my ticket, I was handed these (above) as well as the tickets!! I won one of the grand prize!! Double Yay!! How cool right??? It’s a Diamante T-Shirt worth RM150 and a Makeup Brush Set worth RM200!! hehehe…..So happy!! Never won anything before when it comes to things like lucky draws or SMS competitions (remember the UVJ Search?? hehehe…) I was already so glad to win the tickets coz I really wanted to watch the show, so the merchandise came as an added bonus. The premiere was last night and I got Joyce and Kanch to come with me for a girly night out! The movie was a tad bit too long for a musical, but i loved it!! The songs are all so good!!! I’m definately gonna go get the soundtrack.

Jennifer Hudson really deserved the Golden Globe and SAG Award she won for Best Supporting Actress in Dreamgirls. Little trivia I found out; she is only the third African American actress to win a Globe in the Motion Picture Categories, since Whoopi Goldberg and Angela Bassett! Can you believe it?? She was incredible, her voice was so good and her acting is flawless for a first-timer. She really did outshine Beyonce this time. But Beyonce is still drop dead gorgeous, there’s no denying it!

I’ll be leaving for Perth to escape CNY this Friday!! Can’t wait. Perth is the only city I haven’t been to in Australia, so I’m pretty excited. A lot of people tell me it’s a boring place but it’s alright, I don’t mind just relaxing by the lakeside/beachside and shop, shop, shop!! I’ll be going with not only my family but my sister and her in-laws so altogether they’ll be 8 of us! We’ll be having our reunion dinner over there so we need some suggestion on where to eat. Any of you studied in or are from Perth, any good Chinese restaurants in the city area? Also, my sis is interested in farm-stay so it’ll be really helpful if any of you can recommend a nice farm where we can help milk cows!!

For all you love birds out there, have a lovely Valentine’s Day! And if I don’t have time to update before I leave for Perth, Gong Xi Fa Chai! Kong Hei Fatt Choi!! Have a Happy and Prosperous Year of the Golden Piggy!!


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  1. burnburn

    Your cousin is so sweet for doing that! Reminds me of the guy that’s giving free hugs on Pitt St in Sydney.
    Lol, did you want to look like a geisha girl at the wedding or something?! :-p You don’t want to upstage the bride, do you? hahaha.

    Congratulations on the win. And even cooler that you won grand prize. I’ve done work experience at a magazine place before, and they really just choose the winners randomly. To be honest, I’ve been asked to choose the winners before. It really is just pulling out a letter from a stack. But yeah, I’ve won something before from a magazine too. hahaha.

    Ah, Perth, I’ve never been there, but I’ve been told by people that the locals are really friendly. Super friendly actually. Enjoy Chinese New Years there! And happy belated Valentines Day 🙂


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