Tuesday February 27, 2007

Hey guys!! Hope you all had a great CNY break! I got back from Perth on Saturday night and we drove straight back from Singapore, reaching KL about 2 am in the morning. It was a lovely trip, Perth is such a beautiful and peaceful city. Will post up pictures soon.

Meanwhile, I’ve been really busy doing publicity stuff for my new show which will premiere TOMORROW!! Press conference, Photo shoots, interviews, the works!! So mark the date, Wednesday, 28th February at 9:30pm, Watch ‘Teman’ on 8TV!! It’s also on channel 18 on Astro if you can’t get 8TV on your free-to-air! Remember to watch and tell me what you think!!

I won’t be able to catch the premiere of my own show though because I’m helping to emcee Estranged’s album launch at Laundry Bar the same night!! So if you guys are over at that area tomorrow, do drop by and show your support! The earlybirds will get a free Estranged T-Shirt, limited to 100 guests only! Besides Estranged, a couple of other local bands will be performing as well. So come come if you’re a fan of great music!

Ok, I have to end here, lots of things to do. Will update again soon! Remember, watch Teman, Wednesdays, 9:30pm on 8TV!!


Oh, btw, for the shoot yesterday, the Art Director thought it’ll be nice if my fringe was like before (blunt bangs) and at that time, I thought why not. So the stylist cut it there and then for me and it looked all nice and mod then, but now, I regret getting it cut, coz it’ll take forever to grow out again and I really don’t think this look suits me on a daily basis. From now on I’ll probably pin it up or use a headband until it grows out again. Maybe I should just cut it short, period. What do you guys think?

0 comments on “Tuesday February 27, 2007

  1. burnburn

    what about us pplz in aussie land? 🙁
    youtube it! heehe.
    do you host in english?

    hhmmm. i have u had short hair b4? maybe it’s time to experiment.
    or else, you can always just get hair extensions, right?

  2. SilverblueGuest

    short is so IN now! i got mine cut a month ago and no regrets.give it a try yourself, not toooo short tho.slightly above shoulder would be great. btw, u suit bangs…cos its minimize your long forehead *this is not an insult*

    anyway, update us with more pictures alright? n yeah could anyone youtube the 1st episode? would love to watch it (:

  3. karenispink

    I missed ur show on Wed! But will look out for it next week.

    I think you look good with bangs. Younger and more chic I think.

    Not many can pull it off, but you can defnitely!

  4. miss_anj

    in response to someone else above, bel is GORGEOUS in real life.

    and don’t cut your hair. i cut mine short and i totally regret it. it’s taking FOREVER to grow out!

    miss you lots! we need to come visit you or you come visit us soon!


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