Tuesday March 4, 2008

I know, I know, I’ve been neglecting this blog. But today is one of the few days since I got back from Japan that I’ve been relatively free. So I thought I’d put it all up here before I forget or get too busy. Anyways, here are some pictures from CNY back in Kuching and my trip to Japan.

This time around, I catched up with family, mostly. Went visiting with my parents quite a bit but I saw quite a bit of Angie also.
Here we were at MOJO, one of the nights we went out, with Gerald, the owner, Eng Hong, an old friend from high school days and Angie.

Final day in Kuching, we were at my Grandma’s place taking family pictures. Me and my grandmama!

One of the family. From L-R: My cousin-in-law, Jess, Aunty Teresa, Cousin Alex, Dad, Granny, Mum, Myself and Aunty Angela.


Day 1: Osaka

We arrived Kansai Intl Airport in the morning to and went straight to Universal Studios. It was about 5 degrees that day and I was way under-dressed to be walking outdooors. Joe and I both had our cameras so these are just some of the pictures from my camera.


Sunset view of Osaka from my hotel room window

Day 2: Osaka – Kyoto

In the morning, we had a photo stop at Osaka Palace.
It was raining and the temperature dropped even more. I was practically freezing my fingers and toes off.

We took the bullet train to Kyoto which was about 30km from Osaka. We got there in 10 minutes. You can’t feel the speed at all sitting inside the train. Only when you look out and see how fast things are zooming by that you know you’re travelling around 300k/h.

Kyoto is famous for Geishas. And we were brought to this street filled with tea-houses where all the real-life geishas work.
I forgot the name of the street but it’s located downtown Kyoto.

We were lucky because we actually caught climpse of a real-life geisha walking the street, on the way to work.
Here she is, all decked out and speeding off to the tea-house she works in.

We had a ‘Sumo’ dinner after that in this stemboat place. This place serves the staple of sumo fighters, consisting of a steamboat filled with lots of fish, seafood and vegetables. It was great! I’ll try to get the pics from Joe’s cam.

Day 3: On the way to Gifu from Kyoto.
My first glimpse of Mt Fuji

We stopped at this park to take pictures of Mt Fuji. This was definitely the high point of the whole trip. Mt Fuji is just breath-takingly magnificent. I took so many pictures of the Mt Fuji and here are 2 of my favourites.

This was lunch..

We stopped at this dormant volcano which spews out sulfide gas from the ground. The main reason why we were here was to sample the Black Egg or Kuro Tamago. They cook regular chicken eggs in the volcanic groundwater and the eggshell turns black. Apparently, they claim that these eggs have regenerative qualities, e.g. If you eat one egg, you will increase your life by 7 years and if you eat two eggs, you will live 14 years longer. I only had 1, so hopefully I’ll be able to live another 7 years on top of my pre-destined longevity.

We arrive at Gifu, a resort town where people come to ski and just get away from the city and we were placed in this Natural Hot Springs resort with traditional Tatami rooms. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to go dip in the hot springs because I was too shy to share a pool with a bunch of naked women. hehehe… But we did have an amazing dinner here wearing the Yukata, or the Japanese traditional clothings. Almost everyone wore it in and around the resort.

View from my room window of a sea, I don’t remember the name of this sea now.

Day 4: Tokyo
Got into Tokyo by coach and we went straight to Ginza, the most expensive shopping area in Tokyo with all the high end brands.
This is one of the scenes in downtown Tokyo, I feel like it looks very New York-ish.

A monk in Ginza


Tokyo by night from a ferris wheel in Otaiba.


Shinjuku is the red-light district in Tokyo and I was pleasantly surprised that besides ‘whoring’ out girls, the Japanese guys are very open minded in ‘whoring’ themselves out too!! This is just one of many lighted billboards introducing the guys available inside….

Complete with profile!

Day 5: Tokyo Disneyland!
There were soooo many people that it became kind of a chore to just wait in line to go on a ride.

Mickey and Minnie in a show..

Me and my Minnie ears in front of the ‘It’s a Small World’ ride….

My Queen of Hearts lunch…

My mousketeer friends!

That night it was free and easy so a couple of us took the train to Ropponghi, the entertainment district of Tokyo.
The train system there is absolutely crazy. I think they have about 20 lines all mesh together underground and if we didn’t enlist the help of a local, I think we would’nt know where to go.

Joe and I outside Hard Rock cafe Tokyo

We wanted to try authentic Ramen so we stopped by this shop which was fully automated, we had to order by pushing buttons on a machine and then we were shown to our cubicles, where our noodles will appear from underneath a curtain. It was pretty freaky eating by myself in a cubicle, I almost felt like I was at a library.

Day 6: Back to KL

On the way to the airport, I manage to snap a picture of Tokyo Tower.

Overall, it was an enjoyable trip, although it was pretty rushed because we were on tour with a whole bunch of other people, older people. Japanese people are definitely polite, but I feel like they’re a bit cold, not as warm as how some of us asians might be towards our guests. It definitely a place I’d like to visit again sometime in the near future. This time I’ll go minus the tour and try to see more of Tokyo.

By the way people, I’ve begun shooting for Teman Season 2, last weekend. From this weekend on, I’ll be travelling around Malaysia and certain places in South East Asia for this season of the travelogue and I’m travelling with a new friend this time!! If you want to find out more then you’ll have to watch Teman 2 on 8TV premiering 16th April at 9:30pm.

Ok, that’s about it for now. Please take care and until my next post, keep those comments coming in.


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  1. adelynized

    yeah i went to the hot spring as well but i didnt dare to get into the water after i’ve seen like everyone was naked in the pool. maybe it’s where we came from, ppl here are abit
    conservative x)

  2. Anonymous

    Hey Bel, finally got some updates from you. I can see you had really good time in Japan. I like tht shot of you & elmo, your outfit and your pose just looks awesome. looking forward for more updates of your shooting soon bel. Take Care…Hope to catchup with you ! peace !

  3. Anonymous

    It was nice to read about your Japan trip. Reminiscing my 5-weeks Japan trip. Even though there are more work & research involved with a DIY trip, it is definitely worth it to do the trip without a tour group. Everything’s a rush when you’re with a tour group.

  4. ngyuyi

    Hi Bel! Iris here, long time no see.. You went to Japan with Joe? ahahha maybe thats why we didnt get to see each other all through CNY. Looking great! =)

  5. Anonymous

    Hello there, was introduced to your blog (specifically this post) by my friend.

    The most memorable part about it was the ‘pretty boys cafe’ .. haha.. Of which they also have video games featuring exactly that – the faithful recreation of schoolyard romances .. for girls.

    You should go to Hokkaido someday too when you have the opportunity. 🙂


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