Wednesday October 20, 2004

Sorry anonymous, don’t have any new and interesting pics to put up.

But here’s something for all you car or driving enthusiast out there. Never ever drive like that kids….it’s bad for your mum’s/gf’s health even if they’re not in the car.

Click on Watch Video…

0 comments on “Wednesday October 20, 2004


    ePROPZ!!! i wanna give u a 10 but 2 bad its only 2max…WOAHAH..whrs tat…im loving highway in the states even more now…*envy envy envy*!!! BEL!!! u ROX! n thanx for posting the ability test thingy…hanx for tat 2 ..catch ya post arnd

  2. StonedEwok


    u realise after posting that video bel, guys will wanna speed down the highway more…:P

    hehe reminds me of how i drive…weaving in and out without stopping…



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