Weekends away!

I just got back from Singapore on Monday. Drove down with my parents to visit my sister over the long weekend. Shopped quite a fair bit, ate a lot. Didn’t see the lights of Orchard this time around, but went shopping at Bugis Junction and Vivo City. Quite disappointed with Vivo City, it was my first time there and I expected a lot from it, a little like Mid Valley in terms of brands but nothing special.

The Zouk-like shape of Vivo City. 

The Christmas Sales in Singapore is pretty dismal too, plus the exhange rate now is about 2.4 so it’s not so worth it to buy anything there. 

Christmas Deco at Bugis Junction. My mum reckons it’s a Seal, I think it’s just an oddly chopped up Christmas tree. What do you think? Didn’t manage to take a lot of pictures this time around, was either too busy eating or shopping. hehehe…

It was a relaxing weekend off-work for me and it was great being able to catch up with my sister, who is 3 months preggers!! I’m so excited I’m gonna be an aunt real soon!! My sister and I were never really that close growing up. She left Kuching for KL during my ‘formative’ high-school years and when I came over to KL, she left to work in Singapore so we never really got the chance to really bond. It’s during our annual family getaways that we have time to have heart to heart, sisterly talks and now that’s she’s gonna be a mum soon, hopefully we’ll have more time to bond in future and fuss about my future niece/nephew together. :) 

Us during our recent family trip to Korea. 

Anyways, it’ll be another weekend away for me this week. Leaving for Dubai on Thursday and will be back only on Sunday. Will be attending and emceeing my uncle’s company’s annual dinner there. This will be my second time there after attending the same function in 2007. My parents will be going as well and this will be like some sort of another family getaway. Will update more when I get back next Monday. Till then, take care peeps! Stock up on your Vit C and stay out of the rain! 

Love, Bel

0 comments on “Weekends away!

  1. Eileen

    Take christmas tree is special coz it is crooked.I also went there las weekends…I agree that it is not worth shopping there coz the conversion rate.

    By the way,i also expected more for the xmas deco but it is not as it seem..

    toking bout vit c.I also have to stock up some…it is raining these days.

    Have a nice day Bel!

  2. Cmate

    Hey Bel..

    I am at Singapore now, visiting my grandparents. The decors at Orchard Road is a big disappointment this year, not as beautiful, colourful and bright as the previous years… guess it’s cause the economic downturn, Christmas beauty also downturn… Dropped by at Vivo too… beautiful place..

    You have a great day!

  3. L30nArD

    Hey Bel,

    Long time didn’t speak. Hope all is well with you. I like your new blog over here. Xanga Sucks ! *giggles* U take care. Wishing U a merry Xmas n Happy new year.


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