What’s in my Hospital bag?

For first time mums out there, you might’ve read that you should get your hospital bag ready by Week 37, just in case your baby is ready to come out in the coming weeks, then you can just grab and go. But you might be wondering, what should I pack in my hospital bag? For Mummy, for baby?  

I wasn’t really prepared for an emergency C-sect the first time around, so I was inadequately packed, but this time, having opted for an elective C-sect (reason which I will explain at another time), and having experienced staying in the hospital for a minimum of 3 nights after surgery, I’m going to share with you what I’ve packed for my hospital stay this time around. Warning: I’m not one to pack light! 

For Mummy


 The last time I was in the hospital, everything was a bit of a blur, the days melted into night with me sometimes not even showering or changing. So this time around, I made sure I brought day clothes and night clothes so I can feel a little bit more like a normal human being. For C-sect mums who wishes to breastfeed from the get-go, be sure to prepare nursing-friendly and wound-friendly attires. The time you spend in the hospital is the best time to establish a strong foundation for breast feeding, as most hospitals will have lactation consultants at hand to help you kick start a successful breastfeeding journey. Take the time to rest and nurse, that’s all you have to do while you’re in the hospital.

Things to pack for mummy:

1) Nursing friendly tops (I brought my husband’s T-shirt, a nursing spaghetti top with built in bra, and a nursing top)

2) Pyjamas (The only colourful thing I brought is a nursing friendly pyjama set that I bought online!)

3) Comfortable roll panel pants/maxi skirt (Make sure the pants or skirt you bring is comfy and not too tight so it won’t chafe against your wound. Roll panels are the best because you can either have the bands really high up on your tummy or lower if you’ve had a normal delivery.  If you have a normal delivery perhaps it’s better to wear maxi skirts instead of pants. I have my black 9months Maternity maxi skirt to replace the sarong that they used to wear in the olden days…)

4) Sanitary Pads (get the longest and most absorbent one you can find because regardless of whether you have a C-sect or natural delivery, be prepared to bleed quite a bit for at least two weeks after. And the ones the hospital provides are ghastly! I remember I bleed for almost a whole month after my previous C-sect!) 

5) Cardigan/Hoodie (Hospital rooms tend to be a bit chilly so bring something thick to wear. Mine is a reversible hoodie so it won’t seem like I’m wearing the same one everyday!)

6) A maternity/nursing dress to wear home (because let’s face it, you’ll still look about 5 months pregnant after you deliver) 

7) Socks

8) Inner wear (I brought my most comfortable nursing bras and those grandma looking panties are a japanese brand – Inujirushi’s Post-partum panties which provides both comfort and ease when it comes to changing sanitary pads. Available only at 9Months Maternity stores) 

9) Abdominal binder (That white rectangular item in the middle of the picture is my abdominal binder, highly recommended for C-sect mums to provide a bit a compression to the abdominals to help with recovery. I bought mine at the hospital the last time) 

10) A gift for Big Sister (In that little brown box is a gift for Dani from her baby brother. I think it’s just a nice little gesture to have so she doesn’t feel left out) toiletriesw

11) Toiletries (I plan to shower whenever I’m allowed to after delivery, so I’ll be bringing along my bath soaps, shampoo, conditioner, lotions, face wash, toothbrush, facial toner, creams, eye cream and most importantly, for those with long hair – hair ties and clips!)

12) Stretchmark Oil, EV Coconut oil and Nipple Cream (Be sure to continue to rub your stretch mark oils/creams after you deliver. Top up with coconut oil if the rest of your skin is feeling particularly dry. And the first few weeks of breastfeeding your baby, your nipples will surely be sore/raw so remember to bring a suitable nipple cream – mine is an overall breast care cream (which apparently helps with Mastitis too!) from organic brand Absolute Essential.) 

13) Makeup (I was contemplating whether or not to bring my makeup pouch but in the end, I decided that I will bring it, just the basic tinted moisturiser, some blush and lip balm and mascara, just in case I have visitors or need to take some nice pictures!) dreamgenii

14) My Dream Genii pregnancy support pillow (Which also doubles up as a nursing pillow) 

For Baby


The hospital will provide most things for the baby during the duration of the stay. Essentially you just need to bring a set of clothes to bring baby home in. And most importantly, a proper car seat/baby carrier installed! In Australia, if you don’t have a proper car seat installed in your car to bring your newborn home they will not let the baby go! None of this carrying your newborn business, even if you’re seated in the back seat!

1) Handkerchieves (To wipe off drools and milk spit up) 

2) Disposable Diapers (I brought 2 just in case, usually the hospital will provide up till baby leaves for home) 

3) Beanies and Mittens (Hospital rooms are cold) 

4) One/Two sets of clothes (For baby to wear home)

5) Nappy Care Cream and Baby Oil (If you feel alive enough to give your newborn a massage in the hospital! And the nurses usually will not apply any nappy cream in the hospital so bring some baby friendly wet wipes and nappy cream for when you have to change your baby yourself. Best if it’s organic like the ones I got from Absolute Essential)

6) Swaddle blanket (My alphabet bamboo cotton muslin swaddle is a gift from Ollie.com.my. It’s big enough to be used as a blanket, or swaddle or even a nursing cover and it’s oh-so comfortable)   

As you can probably tell, I’d need a cabin size luggage for all my things. My husband will have to bring another bag for himself. Also, please remind your husbands to bring the following:

1) Electronics – Phone/Laptop/iPad/Cameras to keep him and you entertained during your hospital stay.

2) Chargers – For all the above electronics

3) Credit Card with a higher limit- You’d need it for registration at the hospital for any incidental charges

This is perhaps the most in-depth hospital bag post you’ve ever read! Hope it will help you in some ways. Best of luck to all the mummies to be out there, myself included! Can’t wait to see the babies real soon, yours and mine! 

Love, Bel 



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