Monthly Archives: August 2005

Saturday August 27, 2005

Hello everyone! Sorry I haven’t updated in a while. Been busy, well, maybe not busy since I am unemployed, but have had lots of activities to occupy my time. Since the last I updated, the UVJ group done several things. We went for an acting class at the KL Performing Arts Centre, it was so fun!! We learned how to warm up our body and vocal chords, and we were […]

Tuesday August 16, 2005

The first episode of the UVJ search didn’t air last Sunday, much to my disappointment. My family and I were waiting for it, even Joe’s family was tuned in, but when the time came, another show came on. The premiere episode has now been pushed back a week due to production difficulties. Hopefully everything will go well and it will air this Sunday. Keep a lookout people : Hitz.TV, Sunday […]

Wednesday August 10, 2005

CRAZY HAZY DAY This is what it looks like from the balcony of my 15th floor apartment on normal days. This is what it looks like today….. Crazy…

Tuesday August 9, 2005

Today I went for a meeting at Astro, I finally got a call back regarding the VJ thing. Met all the other 9 finalist and was given a schedule (finally, thank God!) and also found out that they might choose 1 person to be the winner or maybe 5? So who knows….The more they choose the bigger my chances I guess. The other finalist are all good in their own […]

Tuesday August 2, 2005

So last week was my final week at 8TV. Everything happened so quickly I don’t know where to start. It’s only been 2 days since my last day on Sunday and I’m already starting to miss all my colleagues and friends, don’t miss the work though…hehehe….Not that I contributed that much anyways…. So anyways, last Wednesday was Eleana’s (our editor) birthday, so Adam, Marion and I dropped by Zouk after the Quickie for Mambo night and free […]