Tuesday August 16, 2005

The first episode of the UVJ search didn’t air last Sunday, much to my disappointment. My family and I were waiting for it, even Joe’s family was tuned in, but when the time came, another show came on. The premiere episode has now been pushed back a week due to production difficulties. Hopefully everything will go well and it will air this Sunday. Keep a lookout people : Hitz.TV, Sunday at 8.00p.m.

Today the 10 finalist went to Astro for another shoot. This time, we parodied a music video, it was so much fun!!! We were all so silly but it was all in good fun. Now I’m all sun burned, and both my feet are now so sore from standing/running in heels the whole day. We took quite a lot of pictures today, so when i get my hands on them you guys will be able to see all the other finalist.

The haze situation here is getting much better. We finally had some sun shine through 2 days ago. I can’t imagine, man, if we really had to stay in that sort of environment forever, not only will it be hazardous to our health, it feels very disheartening to live on. I feel that it’s really unfair to us that the Indonesians, who caused this smog with open burning, can go off with just an apology. We should fine them! Malaysians get fined if they openly burn stuff, so why can’t we fine the Indonesian government as well? It’s bad enough that they burn their forests to fertilize the soil, what’s worst, they do not see the consequence of their doing because all the smoke blows into Malaysia. And this happens every year!! When is it going to end?

Ok, i better end here for now. I always have the most uninteresting things to say. Take care people!!

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