Monthly Archives: November 2004

Tuesday November 30, 2004

I’m back!! In Sydney that it. It was a gruelling trip….moving from day to day from one place to the other and flying from one country to another, but it was all worth it. China is beautiful. I feel like i was back in Old China, especially in the countryside areas, the old buildings are so preserved.  And Shanghai…well, the night scenary of the Bund is just breathtaking. It was pretty cold the last 2 […]

Sunday November 14, 2004

I’m leaving back to KL tomorrow (Monday, 15th). I’ll be going to Shanghai after all. Things got a bit messy at the travel agency yesterday and my grandma ended up being left out from trip. She was so disappointed and I feel so bad about this whole trip now. My dad has already told the travel agent since the first day they did their bookings that if any body was to be left out, it would be […]

Friday November 12, 2004

We had out last ‘uni-related’ function last night, our media exhibtion night. Exhibtion was so-so….well…maybe coz all our works were so-so. hehe…expcept for the second…theirs looked so professional. Anyways, after the exhibition, a few of the gang came over to my house to watch TV. We watched the Amazing Race followed by a double episode of The Apprentice. Sorry bout the reception guys! hehehe….. As you’d guess, i took my new […]