Friday November 12, 2004

We had out last ‘uni-related’ function last night, our media exhibtion night. Exhibtion was so-so….well…maybe coz all our works were so-so. hehe…expcept for the second…theirs looked so professional. Anyways, after the exhibition, a few of the gang came over to my house to watch TV. We watched the Amazing Race followed by a double episode of The Apprentice. Sorry bout the reception guys! hehehe…..

As you’d guess, i took my new camera for a test drive/shoot last night and here are some pictures. Oh…and i also had my hair cut and coloured darker. Let me know what u guys think.

My full fringe, Joe seems to think that this looks ok, but i guess i’m just not used to it yet.

Me and Georgia aka Julianne Moore, hehehe..  I think i prefer my fringe swept to the side, what do u guys think?

The Media gang…minus Isa who is in Swizi-land right now.

My lousy attempt at mastering Hil’s skills of taking a mirror pic…

With Anne and Yasmin and food!! Yum!

More of the gang. Clockwise from back row: Serena, Yasmin, Matt, Gina, Anj, Anne, Moi, Amber and Jenny. Funny how only Amber’s eyes are glowing red. hehehe.

Later that night at my place, snack-ing and watching TV.

Anj and her hard-boiled egg, which she ate with MILK?!?

It was a good night and calm night-out, which was good. It’s kinda sunk in now that i’m done with Uni. Feeling kinda bummed about it. Regretted that i didn’t take more pictures with friends whom I’m quite sure I won’t be seeing again. Or of the Webster building and the labs….but oh well…there’s always graduation.

Anyways, I will send the pictures to emails on request, so…if you guys want a copy, just let me know!

0 comments on “Friday November 12, 2004

  1. miss_anj

    bel!!! ahahahah..those pics are funni. i look like a dement in that last shot.

    send me all the pics last nite. u took more didn’t u? or was that matt’s camera i was flicking through? email me larger size versions. aehaehae so i can print them out. =D

    u too matt!

    *sigh, i cannot believe we’ve finished.


  2. pwho

    Hmmm.. fringe swept aside looks nicer.. more elegant.. seen many with fringes lately.. latest fashion huh?

    Well, i do reckon if the fringe is shorter by maybe a little (i mean very little).. it’ll looks nice letting it straight..

    Anyway… congratulations on your graduation.. Final yr and honours yr for me next yr.. 🙁 can’t play play already.. All the best and hope you have a nice trip to Shanghai.. 🙂

  3. psychochique

    i think you look better with your bangs swept to the side.i don’t know,maybe i’m just so used to seeing you with your fringe side swept.

    you look cute with the full bangs though.its just different kinda feeling.

    by the way,this is kelcy from taylors if you still remember me 😛

  4. StonedEwok

    i haven’t visited your site in ages!

    how rude of me 😛

    great pics bel…your camera is so damn sexy

    haha everyone thinks anj is whacko now with her boiled egg and milk…

    we’re such tv addicts…


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