Sunday November 14, 2004

I’m leaving back to KL tomorrow (Monday, 15th). I’ll be going to Shanghai after all. Things got a bit messy at the travel agency yesterday and my grandma ended up being left out from trip. She was so disappointed and I feel so bad about this whole trip now. My dad has already told the travel agent since the first day they did their bookings that if any body was to be left out, it would be him, but no…they didn’t listen, they confirmed the tickets under my mum and my dad’s name and my grandma was still on waiting list.

They found an earlier flight for my grandma which would reach 7 hrs before us and she would have to wait for us by herself at the hotel. And the agent insists that they couldn’t change the name on the tickets at this point in time. I mean….the travel agent must be joking, leave a 75 year old uneducated granny on a flight to somewhere she’s never been before by herself? I mean, my grandma is quite independant, she has travelled overseas to the US and UK by herself before but her English is better than her Mandarin, and my aunts will always be at the airport to pick her up. Anyway, after hearing all that my grandma decided it was too difficult for her to go and asked my dad to cancel her booking and told us to go ahead without her.

So that’s the story with the tickets. This whole episode has made me less excited about the trip than i would be. Poor grandma, she was so looking forward to the trip. And i felt partially responsible because if i could change my tickets, we would’ve all gone at a more suitable time. Well, no use discussing about that any longer….I better get back to my packing.

I’ll see u Sydneysiders in 3 weeks! And to the peeps in KL, i’ll be there on the 16th, 27th and 28th, so any of you there at that time, do gimme a call. We’ll go out for ‘teh tarik’.

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  1. StonedEwok

    omg bel, i didn’t realise you left so soon!

    sorry to hear about the ticket debacle….

    hope the trip turns out to be kick ass neways.

    i’m sure you’ll have fun eating all that GOOOOOD FOOOOD. haha something besides indo-mie! lol

    neways, have heaps of fun…

    catchya when ur back in syd!

  2. StonedEwok

    hey bel! thought this was the best way to tell you…

    we got 20/25 for our policy briefing!

    that’s pretty damn good i reckons!

    thanks heaps!

    p.s. still owe ya a maxibon! 🙂


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