Tuesday November 9, 2004


I’m feeling so frustrated right now! I just talked to my dad and we were supposed to be leaving for Shanghai next Wednesday. I’m supposed to go back to KL on Monday to meet them and go together. But till now, my whole family (who booked their flights in KL) is still on waiting list and their chances doesn’t seem very good. My ticket (that i booked from here) is confirmed because the stupid travel agent said that she’s positive my family will get space. And I bought my tickets at a special price, so i might not be able to get any refund or credit! Now my family’s thinking of changing the trip till the end of January if they cannot be confirmed by this week and I would have to call MAS tomorrow to see if i can change my tickets and how much extra i would have to pay.

This is so stressful! I hate it when things are so disorganised and uncertain! If we do have to go in January, my whole plan for the holidays will have to be changed! I feel so not in control of my life right now and i hate it! And to think i was so looking forward to this trip!

Anyways……at least Isa’s leaving for her trip to Europe tomorrow! Have a great trip girl!! Seems like this time you were the organised one…

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  1. miss_anj

    oh no..your shanghai trip all stuffed!! what u gonna do. hehe..i can just imagine your stress and worried face about all this.

    omg..4 years..i keep thinking u and joe have been together for only 2 years..but that’s not possible since u’ve been here for 3..hehe. man, that level of committment, is still beyond me. hahaahah..yes yes…u’re gonna say i have  Marissa committment problems.

  2. StonedEwok

    yeh i kno how u must feel….

    life can be a bit crazy sometimes…

    but that’s what makes it interesting 😛

    ok, that may have sounded like utter crap…

    but it all comes good in the end!

    you’ll have an awesome trip and you’ll live in australia working a mad job! hehe


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