Tuesday November 9, 2004

I should be doing my essay!! My final, final assignment is due this thursday…but instead, i’ve side-stepped and came to write my blog instead. hehehe….procrastination feels good….for now…

Well…yesterday (Monday, 8/11) Joe and I celebrated our ‘dating’ anniversary. We’ve been going out for 4 years now yesterday. Thats ages, don’t u think? hehehe…..It doesn’t feel like 4 years though. It felt just like yesterday when we first met. I guess that’s good in a way, at least I know I’m not bored with him…..yet. hehe..

Before Joe, my longest relationship was like 4 months so i’ve come a long way since then. Back then, I guess being young and immature, relationships are just such a spur of the moment thing. Someone comes after you, or you have a crush on a guy, after some time of phone calls and casual dates, you say ok to a relationship, but after the initial burst and sparks, everything you had thought about that other person was not what you expected, little things he does starts to annoy you and before long you just loose the feelings you once had. And no matter how hard you try to retain the feelings, it’s gone and you will never feel the same way about that person again.

I guess after 4 years with one guy, I believe now that once you’ve found your match, everything will just fall into place. I know it sounds a bit cliche and I’m not saying that Joe’s definately my match, but after experiencing both short term and long term relationships, i understand now that there’s no use if a relationship is forced- it doesn’t need to be difficult, there’s also no use in trying hard to be what the other person expects you to be, because if you had to change yourself to be with another person, then maybe you’re not meant to be with him/her.

I’m no relationship expert and I’m just speaking from my limited experience. So people are more than welcomed to disagree with me. I just think that a ‘matching’ relationship should be comfortable, easy and not something which we have to worry about or cry over daily.

Gosh…look at how quick i can write 500 words for here but i’m struggling just to hit 400 words in my essay. Anyways, Joe got me a digital camera for our anniversary. I know…how unromantic, but it was something I wanted because my current one is too bulky to fit into my handbag. Haha….spoilt….i know.

My new credit card sized digital camera, Canon Ixus 40. LOVE it! 

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  1. marboy

    high expectations in a relationship will lead to a break up, you cant expect the other person to change his/her self…..

    however there are things like compromises and understanding. if i know i have to change myself for a better relationship then i would do whatever it takes…nonetheless i do not expect the other person to do the same. anyway it all comes down to how rational the both of you’s are… 

  2. vanessa_siewleng

    Congratz Bel!!!!! =) I’ve know Joe (then known as joe YEOW) since I was NINE! haha… so i’m really happy to know that the both of u are doing well and celebrating ur 4-year anniversary!! =) well all the best in the MANY years to come… u’re right about finding the RIGHT one… when he comes along, u’ll just now it, just bcoz the relationship will feel different from the ones before! =)


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