Thursday November 4, 2004

Today was my final day at Uni… Haven’t really sunk in yet that i won’t be needing to go to classes anymore….. it will eventually, *sob*sob*, then, i’ll be pleading to be able to nod off  in boring lectures again, or trying to avoid eye-contact with the tutor in tutorials so that he doesn’t get me to answer difficult questions. I will miss Uni…definately..

Anyway…I don’t want to make myself depressed dwelling on that matter… more assignment to go…looking forward to exhibition night…….media people…..what are we gonna do after exhibition night on thursday?? Any suggestions? Karaoke?? hehehe….

Was taking a break just then and got this from my friend Vanessa’s page, it’s a doll making website. Check out the amount of shoes and clothes a doll can choose from! I guess every little (or big) girl still feels the need to play dress-up with dolls once in a while.

What do u think of this being the “Belinda” doll if i ever do get famous? hehehe…

0 comments on “Thursday November 4, 2004

  1. StonedEwok

    hahah nice doll

    very asian 😀

    ah yes, the sadness of the media student…

    sucks to be us.

    where will we go for lunch if not “orange chairs”??!! the world is over! LOL

    as for exhibition night ….karaoke sounds mad, alcohol sounds mad…lets make it a big one! 🙂


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