Monthly Archives: January 2006

Monday January 16, 2006

Another 2 weeks have passed and well, we’re at the halfway mark of Blast Off!! It feels so quick!! 4 more episodes to go!! I am gradually improving…I think, but still not getting at perfection yet, and now I feel like there’s not enough time for me to prove myself to the world! One of my more favourite band, Solsta*was eliminated last week so I’m pretty sad. Not to mention […]

Tuesday January 3, 2006

What an amazing 2 weeks I’ve had! First off, Blast Off has just started, and we’re already 2 episodes in. First episode on the 23rd, I was a nervous wreck! Stumbled quite a bit and was really disappointed with myself because I know I can do so much better. Then, last Friday, the 30th, in the second preliminary round, I relaxed a bit more, but I know I still need […]