Monday January 16, 2006

Another 2 weeks have passed and well, we’re at the halfway mark of Blast Off!! It feels so quick!! 4 more episodes to go!! I am gradually improving…I think, but still not getting at perfection yet, and now I feel like there’s not enough time for me to prove myself to the world! One of my more favourite band, Solsta*was eliminated last week so I’m pretty sad. Not to mention they were one of the better bands. Such pity that they didn’t get enough votes or voted for themselves enough. With all this 100% voting thing, it’s hard to tell if the winners will be/are the best or is it just a matter of who has more friends/money. Anyways, enough bout that, 4 down, 4 to go. Wish me luck!

2 Fridays ago, Joyce, a.k.a KinkyBlueFairy, organised a surprise party for AdamC and I was invited! hehehe… I went after Blast Off and it was a nice, relaxing night, catching up with my old 8TV crew, and AdamC claims that he was really surprised so Joyce (and not forgeting Kevin a.k.a. KinkyPugKevin) did well at organising the whole thing. Here’s wishing you a great year ahead Adam! Happy 21st!!

The Birthday boy with his coincidental “I Have No Idea” Shirt.

With Adam and the Sexy Fairy Hostess.

With Ruzy & Efie, the cutest couple in 8TV. With Efie & Andy-Pandy. With Teng Leang, (now known as TL or Tua Liap! haha….) Rina & Eddie.

With a really Red and ‘cheesy’ Kevin.

With everyone of KinkyBlueFairy’s Hall of Fame, L-R BracesAaron, KinkyPugKevin, AshleyTheMonkey and FaiTheMai

Picture of the night, the SUGARYHUNKYBABES! hehehe….

Then that Sunday, Joe and I and a few of his old high school buddies drove all the way to Banting to attend Ka Wei’s(Joe’s High School Friend) wedding dinner. He is the first to get married out of all the gang and it was such a grand occasion. Almost 200 tables, and 5 van-loads of fireworks! It’s quite weird to see a friend getting married, I mean, before, I’m always just tagging along to a relative’s wedding, or maybe my parent’s friend’s wedding but I guess it’s not long now before I’ll start attending one wedding after another of my own friends, can you believe I’m already 24 this year?? Gosh….
All the ‘heng tais’ and me, with the bride and groom at the ‘after-party’

Last Wednesday, my best friend Angie and a few other friends came from Kuching for a holiday. As this friend of mine is a party queen, she went out partying every night until she left! I only joined them on Friday and Saturday. Friday, we went to Poppy (again!), Saturday to Cynna. The who’s who of Malaysia were all at Cynna bar that night because they were having the after-party for the ASPREY launch there. Didn’t take any pictures that night but It was such a great night out! I had a great time partying with Angie and gang although we were all pooped by Sunday, goes to show that it isn’t the place but the company that matters when going out. They’ve all left now, so it’s back to my normal, boring life.

With Angie at Poppy. Went there straight from Blast Off, so still had the full TV makeup on which looks a bit scary.

Joe and I with the Kuching bunch at Poppy, L-R, Angie, ‘Man-I-Look-Good’ Gary, Emilia, Me!, Ronald, Joe and Adrian.

The drunkards!!

With superstar Eric ‘Lam Kin Fai’ and his gf, Iris.

Here are just some random pictures I took during the past 2 weeks I thought I’d share with you guys.

One rainy day, I was surfing the net in the room and 2 birds flew in and sat on my window sill. I got my camera and went closer to take what I thought would be a nice silhouette picture of 2 birds, beaking each other, but after I snapped the picture, I realised the bird on the right had seen me and turned it’s head 360 degrees to look at me! I was so scared I didn’t dare to shut my window and had to shut my dark cur
tains so they won’t see me! I’m still quite scared everytime I look at this picture. I might be developing a new phobia for birds now. I’m a coward, I know….

Doing the psycho pose with Syko-G, Blast Off’s resident DJ. I’ve been getting comments from Man-I-Look-Good Gary that I look so ‘doink’ doing the psycho when I host the show.

Ok folks, I guess that’s it for today. Till the next update, take care and be safe! Bel

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