Friday February 3, 2006


Sorry I’m a little bit late but here’s wishing all of you a happy, peaceful and prosperous year ahead!! My family and I escaped CNY again this year to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Last year we went to Bali. It was a great short trip, had lots of seafood, went to Manukan Island, most importantly, spent quality time with the family…… and gambling of course. hehehe…. Pictures up soon.

We came back from KK on Monday night and then on Wednesday, my parents left for Perlis/Penang to visit friends/relatives and Joe went on a holiday with his family to the Philippines, leaving me all alone here in a half deserted KL city. Everyone was still on holiday but I had to start work that day itself. Not that it’s hard work or anything but it would’ve been nice to be able to join Joe for that holiday to the Philippines. I guess I wouldn’t have been able to go anyways because of Blast Off. The Semi-finals just went on live a few hours ago.

We had quite a hectic show today because there were so many people there we couldn’t even hear ourselves talk! And I had to take over Mariam’s part, quite last minute, because of unexplainable reasons. So I had to run up and down to different areas throughout the show. But it was all good because the bands and vocal groups that I predicted would go through to the finals went through to the finals!!! hehehe…so happy. Congratulations to Jiaja for topping the band category charts tonight, Funny Rabbits (FR) and The Exilers for making it into Finals. Congrats also to Xyphaz, Reffugezz and Radical Rascalz for making it into the finals in the vocal group category. I think it’s going to be a fight between the East Malaysian bands for the top spot in the band category next week. I am kinda torn though, between Jiaja and FR on who should win. They’re both really good bands, and even though the FR are my homies, they don’t seem to be versatile enough to do other stuff. So far they’ve just been doing songs by the Living End and Green Day. On the other hand, Jiaja also seem to do better when they’re performing classic rock, which young people like me, who listens to mostly mainstream rock, do not know or understand. We’ll just have to wait and see I guess. It’s definately gonna be a tough race to the finish.

On another note, someone actually said that I sucked as a host, in the Blast Off forum. That person said that my voice is so irritating that he/she feels like switching off the TV everytime I’m on and asked Astro to get rid of me. So sad…. Although I know that haters come with the job scope (quoting Ean), I can’t help but feel really hurt by these sorts of comments. I’ve been trying hard to improve but I’m not sure if I’m going anywhere! I guess I’m just disappointed with myself that I can’t be the best I know I can be. But I guess if people hate my voice there’s nothing I can do about it right? I can’t change my voice, unless I haven’t hit puberty yet and there’s still a chance my voice might get less sharp (and my boobs might grow a size up and I might grow another 4 inches taller ) in a few years, but well…..I just have to take it in and try my best to prove them wrong, right?

Anyways, that’s been my life for the past week. My meter shows that actually quite a lot of people read my blog daily, so people, do drop me a line, either a comment or in the chatbox, I’d love to hear from you guys. Till then, take care and be safe!! Bel

Picture Time!! My picturelog of my 3 days in KK.

Day 1: In and around the City

We were greeted by clear blue skies and an ocean view when we checked into our serviced apartment, peeping through a crack in the wall.

At the market, grandma was so happy when she saw these huge-ass ikan bilis for sale for like 10 bucks a kilo and these tiny prawns or ‘ha mai’ are so fresh, you don’t get to see them like this in KL.

Lobster, anyone?

Sutera Harbour

Sunset in paradise…..

Day 2: Island Escapade

Sun, Sea, Wind-swept hair, what more can a girl ask for??

Gearing up to Parasail…..

Up, up and away~!!

Look!! There’s a hole in the sky!

At Manukan Island

If only we can be greeted by such serenity every day….

Beach Bum.
….I really like this picture

My nicely tanned legs on the day…….now, it has faded and I’m back to having my white chicken legs…..

Day 3: Spoilt by the Rain

Nexus Karambunai….the beach is that-a-way.

Check out this lady, she has a swimming cap on, a towel across her shoulders, holding an umbrella while trying to take pictures of her kids playing on the beach. Now that is what I call multi-tasking man! hehehe….

O angry seas……Take me away~~ hahaha…..

That’s about it……oh wait! Last but not least…

A very Happy Chinese New Year to everyone from the Chee family, from left, Uncle Tony, Grandma Lily, Cousin Amanda, Me Belinda, Aunt Teresa, Sis Audrey, Mum Aileen and Dad Peter. Have a great year of the Dog 2006!!!

19 comments on “Friday February 3, 2006

  1. Kevil10

    You can’t please everyone…chin up…most important thing is that you are doing what seems to be such an exciting job that most people could only dream of 🙂

  2. andyrascal

    Hey girl….i think you’re amazing on blast off! You’re really good, and i have friends who say you’re really good too!

    you know what, you can’t please everyone…..

    keep it up!

    let’s party party next week!! woohoo!

  3. Canonnie

    On another note, just be yourself, OK? Not everyone likes Guy Sebastian, or Britney, or whoeva… Just remember your beautiful voice is given by God and your parents… Cheers!

  4. kimmik82

    you went snorkelling! how’s it the underwater activity there?

    about the comment – the thing about growing up is to learn to take account of what people say about you enough to improve yourself, but not enough to take it personally.

    no matter what you do, say, think or write – there’s always gonna be someone who disagrees with you, no?

    as the malaysian idol slogan goes – everybody wants to be a critic.

  5. Tamashigari

    You’re kidding right? You’re a great host!! Whoever said that has got to be insane or at least not seen you in person. You’re pretty cool. Keep up the good work. 🙂

  6. teenEd

    Hi! Eventhough I am unable to watch the tv programme that you host on…i know how it feels of being critised of what you can’t change. I encountered people who dislike my voice so much that they even wrote a letter to ask me to stop ‘baby talking’! >_< Of course, they are just the minorities…somewhere out there, there are also people who loves our voice, love our hosting and just basically love us! Let’s us just concerntrate on the majority and ignore the minorities. We can’t always make everyone loves us ^_^ From what the people commented about you, I believe that you are doing great! Stay strong in this celebrity world ! All the best! God bless

  7. miss_anj

    bel! omg, as if you have an annoying voice. those are just silly, jealous people who have nothing better to do.

    miss you, hope we can come visit you sometime!!

    ps. your boobs are great, and you are tall already. hehehehehehe

  8. angel_vow

    Yes, it has been raining lately in KK, but don’t let it spoil your mood. There are many other interesting places in KK. Manukan Island is a fav among the tourists, which is part of the Tunku Abdul Rahman Park. Personally I like Sapi Island which is just after Manukan. It has less man-made infrastructure and have monkeys hopping around in the trees. I usually do my jetskiing and waterskiing around Sapi Island. Nexus Karambunai is great place if you want a private beach, but you should go to Rasa Ria Resort in Tuaran, which is about an hour drive from KK. They have a private beach plus gorgeous pagoda in the heart of the town.

    As for your emceeing skills in Blast Off, I think you did a marvelous job. Take the criticism as a challenge to do better, just like the bands did. 

  9. angel_vow

    I heard Marina Court was named after Marina Mahathir, the ex-PM’s daughter, and if I’m not mistaken, she was involved somehow with the whole project. The whole complex however was too pricey for the locals since it’s in the urban area. As for Sutera Harbour, the idea for the design of the resort came when a rare bird of paradise landed on the designer’s balcony, hence the bird of paradise logo of the resort.  

  10. kennysia

    Well, stupid criticism comes part of the package for being a public figure. Don’t take it to heart. Just ignore them and tell yourself that they don’t know you well enough to judge. Because that’s the truth. 😉


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