Sunday February 12, 2006

Time for another update! First of all, Thank You all for being so nice to me and lifting my spirits up with all your kind encouragement. I guess my problem is not really the person who said I sucked as a host, but that I felt that I didn’t perform up to my own standards. Actually I guess in a way, I’m grateful that that person started a forum about how bad I was, it made me realise the mistakes I’m making and pushes me to find ways to improve on it. For the past 2 episodes, I’ve been trying to keep my voice to a speaking level (rather than shouting- even when I can’t even hear myself ) and stop refering to the ‘Funny Rabbits’ as my homeboys, coz some people think it’s just very biased of me to say that.

On that same note, Blast Off is finally over. I don’t know whether to feel relieved or sad. A lil bit of both I guess. We had the grand finals last Friday and Jiaja won in the band category (yay!!) whereas Reffugeez won in vocal group. I was so nervous that day I think I did my worst hosting ever. But nonetheless, it is live, and it’s all over now. Can’t cry over spilled milk, just have to soak it all up with a sponge and rinse. hahaha… Here are some behind the scenes pictures from the full dress rehearsal on the Thursday before Finals. There will be a Blast Off Special this coming Friday at 8:30pm so catch more behind the scenes stuff there.

With a few of the people who makes the show happen, L-R, Rosman- Floor Manager, Afif-Floor Manager, Fadzly- Director’s Unit, Ean- the big brother/mentor, Hj Sham- The Main Man/Mr.Director, Lil ol Me and Eddie -Floor Manager.

Meor-Drummer from The Exilers, Prem/Pluck from Xyphaz, and Amat- Guitarist from The Exilers goofing around with Mr.Ean

Karuk’s Head! So silly…hehehe…

Chillin’ with Gary D.- Funny Rabbits and Karuk-Jiaja

The boys from Xyphaz catching some zzzz before rehearsals.

With good boy Rascalz, Randall Westwood…..

With my favourite bassist, Aja from Jiaja.

That’s about it for Blast Off. I don’t know what I’m gonna do now. Back to being a bum. Set my mind on doing 2 things though, 1) join a gym and get fit, 2) go for mandarin and/or public speaking class. Might have another job lined up for TV2, but that is still hanging on the lines.

Monday night (technically that’s tonight), I have a blind date arranged by Hitz.FM in conjunction with Valentine’s Day. SerenaC, Jay and myself, we’ll be ‘speed dating’ this caller who won the ‘Stud or Dud’ contest over the radio. He will have to entertain all 3 of us, who will be split up around the restaurant (TGIF, One U) with no other entertainment (eg mobile phones, internet connection etc) except for our date. It should be quite interesting and quite funny, will update on that after tonight. Meanwhile, a big Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone, single and attached. I know people say it’s overrated and all, but why not just take it as a special day to spend quality time with your loved ones. And if you have to splurge and pamper…why not? hehehehe…. Joe and I have nothing planned as of yet, but since we’re an old couple and there’s nothing else much to impress, even having dinner at a mamak is fine by me. (But that was last year, so Joe if you’re reading this, maybe a coffee shop this year yea?) And I might be the only girl in this planet who hates flowers, especially roses. They’re just so redundant, I don’t think they’re pretty, they die after 2 days and then I have to throw them away which is such a hassle especially if you have to cut through all the wrapping paper and the tissue they soaked with lots of water, which stinks btw. I’d rather he buy me something more useable. hehehe…..

Alright then, that’s all the time we have for today’s post. Stay tuned for more updates on Bel’s Xanga. Thank you for reading and have a nice day. hehehe….

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  1. cheryljohns

    for so long ive seen chicks worrying abt their dinner table, movie tix & whehter or not thier bfs do somthing on val’s day. While for my case, my bf gave me gift on my bday (Feb 10th) so he wont do another one on val’s day which is 4 days after. cos it doenst make sense. so on vals day, we sorta hang out like other days, eating out adn all, nuthin fancy and i thot we were weird. but u and ur bf said differently. it doesnt have to be wine & dine on val’s day. theres a unique reason not to… -_-
    oh btw, u dun *sound* as b*tchy like u look… im sori. ur actually quite nice. good luck with ur work and all..


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