Monday February 20, 2006

I must be dreaming or something, I definately remember that I wrote a really long entry with pictures and all last night but the entry’s not here today? Didn’t I press submit? Gosh, my memory is failing me. Well…anyways, it’s been a while since my last update, not sure where to start….not like much has happened anyways. I guess I’ll start with the whole Valentine’s ‘Stud or Dud’ Date. Yes, if you heard the broadcast over last Wednesday morning or watched it on the special Valentine’s episode of Hitz Central on Hitz.TV last Saturday, you’d know that I gave Eric a 7.5 out of of 10 when Serena and Jay both gave him 5. We all concluded that he was a Stud in the end though. The reason why I rated him that was because I thought for a guy who’s been put on the spot, he was pretty calm, and quite smooth and he managed to entertain all 3 of us quite equally. The ‘Wo Ai Ni’ question (refer to NamelessOne’s comment on my chatbox) was just funny and honestly, it didn’t feel much like a date because we were mostly acting for the camera (e.g. we had to cut in between conversations to hand Eric a mic so we can record what he’s saying) and Rudy and JJ told the 3 of us to be difficult. We had a bell (wine glass) which we had to ring to get his attention and I guess I rang mine the most (my wine glass actually cracked!) and we managed to chat more without interuptions that’s why he thought we clicked more I guess. But all 4 of us got to sit down and finally eat and chit-chat after the recording’s over and we found out that Eric’s such a player!! He has had experiences dating more than one woman at one time before!! So much for me giving him high marks!! All in all, it was an interesting night, I haven’t had a first date in so long so this was kinda refreshing, rest assured though, there were no sparks flying or chemistry building…all the flirting was just in the name of fun.

The ‘hotties’ – SerenaC, myself and Jay

Waiting for the date to start….

Poor guy didn’t even get to eat anything before being summoned to another table…that’s Jay and Serena in the background discussing how to further torment Eric. hehehehe…..

Being interrogated by Rudy and JJ, the morning crew

Three’s a company….

On Valentine’s day, Joe and I went for a simple Japanese dinner in Bangsar and he dropped a bomb on me. His company is posting him to Southampton, UK to work for about half a year and he’ll be leaving as early as end of this week! At first I was a bit stunned at the thought of him leaving so soon, but now I’m just so exicted for him and excited about the prospect of me visiting him there!! hehehe…..We’ve already talked about going to Paris and Venice when I visit! And the LDR, well, we’ve survived being apart for about half a year before, I think this one shouldn’t cost us any problems….fingers crossed

He made up for the simple V-day dinner by bringing me to ‘Lafite’ in Shangri-La on Friday. It’s supposedly the best (and most expensive) French restaurant in Malaysia. Unlike most of my chinese counterparts, I’ve never taken a liking to internal parts of farm animals so the foie gras didn’t sit well with me, the truffles and complimentary dessert saved the day though. In terms of ambience (the toilet was head to toe, wall to wall mirror!) and service, I’d give it a 7/10 but food, well, a bit harsh maybe, but I’d give it a 5/10. I didn’t order foie gras as appetizer, but Joe did and even for someone who eats all sorts of internal parts, he didn’t like the taste. And my main course came with a slice of ‘main course’ foie gras which looked and tasted like a blub of fat! Not to mention at these fancy restaurants, they’ll give you the biggest plate you’ve ever seen but the food covers only 1/8 of the plate. They don’t even bother to decorate it anymore, just sprinkle on some sauce and wa lah!…..your RM225 plate of truffles. It was a great night out and all but I think I’m still more of a fast food kinda girl, give me hot chips anyday man!! hehehe…

On Saturday, I went to Berjaya Times Square to go watch Nicol David play in the KL Open finals. In case you didn’t know, my dad works for the National Sports Council for squash, hence the interest in it. I’ve never picked up squash but know most of the players personally. ‘Man I Look Good’ Gary tagged along because Nicol’s his idol…..hehehe. He was raring to take a picture with her the whole time but when she came out of the court after her lost, she was swarmed by journalist and his ‘manager’ sorta shooed us away so…we both didn’t get to take a picture with Nicol David, ranked World No.1 at the moment. I managed to sneak in a picture of her being interviewed though.

Did anyone read the Star papers yesterday?? The Amazing Race ‘ Asian Edition’ is looking for 10-12 teams of 2 to compete in an all Asian run. Sounds quite interesting. Winners of this Asian leg of the race will get USD100,00 in prize money and an adventure of a lifetime!! Maybe I might ask Joe if he wants to join…..or my dad. Hehe….I’m all excited already. Check out for more details.


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  1. miss_anj

    hey bel! hahahah first to comment! kekekek

    omg, joe going to UK for 6 months!! oh wow. well, i hope you guys stay together. i’m coming to your wedding!!! kkekeke

    and amazing race. man, i wanna be in that!!!

  2. bellisa

    Yoo hoo! second after anj haha :p I saw gina’s photos of you guys in malaysia! looked like fun.. man when are we ever gonna come and see you?

    I’m sure 6 months will fly by, especially with you visiting him every 2 months and all

  3. aNgeLic_keLz

    hi belinda

    I somehow stumbled across your how xanga-ians are connected =)

    loved your hosting moments.. : ) i find you sweet.

    ignore the imcompetent ones, yes ?

    love you blog, look good in your brown top for the speedy date thing.

    Feel free to check my blog out too ; )



  4. devilishaz

    random propz, i reckon u guys will do fine! i’m in one now, and i guess as long as u dont pick on little things, everything will be ok 🙂 haha u look like ur having alotta fun gurl! all the best~


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