Tuesday January 3, 2006

What an amazing 2 weeks I’ve had! First off, Blast Off has just started, and we’re already 2 episodes in. First episode on the 23rd, I was a nervous wreck! Stumbled quite a bit and was really disappointed with myself because I know I can do so much better. Then, last Friday, the 30th, in the second preliminary round, I relaxed a bit more, but I know I still need lots of practice. Well, 2 down, 6 more episodes to go. Remember to watch Blast Off every Friday, 8 pm on Hitz.TV and vote for your favourite bands and vocal groups. They’re all really good this year, I have to say. Not that I knew much about the groups last year but this year’s bands especially really blew me away!!

Well, enough about that, now to Christmas. I had a shoot on Christmas Eve for Excel Isotonic Drink. Was at the shoot from 5am till about 8pm. Parents left for Singapore in the morning to spend Christmas with my sis and her in-laws, was suppose to go with them but didn’t in the end because of the shoot. After the shoot, had leftover dinner at my grandma’s then it was off to church. It was freezing at church because the air-conditioning was on full-blast and I was shivering the whole time! I think I caught a cold from there and by Christmas day afternoon, I was down with flu, sore throat and a slight fever. Determined to make the most of my Christmas however, I decided to go to Velvet that night for Mambo Jumbo after taking an aspirin. Had one drink and that was it, I felt like I was drugged up and floating on thin air, so I left early. What a bad decision it was to go in the first place because the next day, after making it for casting in the morning, I was bedridden. Worst still, my parents came back on Monday and didn’t even buy me a present! So sad…..

Then it was New Year’s Eve….. Joe and I and a few of our friends decided to do what we did 2 years back and that was have dinner at Chinoz on the Park at KLCC then witness the fireworks from an allocated area, separated from the crowd. Dinner was ok, it was RM150 per pax, not inclusive of any sort of drinks, appetizers and desserts were buffet style and there were 2 mains to choose from, either a steak or fish. The fireworks however, were quite the let down. I think it must’ve been the rain earlier that night or the lack of wind, but the smoke from the explosions covered the whole sky a few minutes in and you can barely see any of the sparkles from the firework because of the thick smog. And the fireworks this year wasn’t as impressive somehow. It was too quick. Apparently the biggest fireworks display this year was at Ikano Power Centre. Anyone went there? Anyways, every one of my friends wanted to go home after the fireworks, such party poopers they were, I felt like partying but didn’t know where to go so I went home as well..
Pictures from that night.

Everyone at dinner.

Desserts!! That chocolate thing in the middle was too good!!


Can we have the bill…..NOT?!

Joe and I behind the barricade….’VIP’ area….as if! Hehe….

WELCOME 2006!!!

We welcomed the New Year by welcoming my cousin from the UK and his family here on vacation. Been spending the past few days with my nephew….he’s sooooo adorable!!! I’ve been busy baby sitting and being the aunt who buys him lots of stuff, I’m enjoying being with the little munchkin so much!! hehehe….Can’t wait for my sister to have her baby so I can spoil him/her.

Hello?! Anyone there? Cute little Alexander…

My mum seems to think that Alexander looks a bit like a ‘Mini Jason Lo‘!

Alexander with his great-grandma, his grandma and his mum, 4 generations in one picture.

Anyways, this afternoon when I left my apartment to bring my granny to the clinic, there was a small pool of BLOOD in front of the lift! I found out from the guard that someone was sick in the morning and somehow vomitted blood or bled from somewhere. SCARY!! It was like a murder scene, it started with a big splat in one spot, followed by drips and drips along the corridor and then another big splat right outside the lift. Grosss…….

I’ve got to go catch up on my O.C. now. It’s so good, I always feel so lovey after seeing Summer with Seth, they’re so right for each other, on and off screen. Have an AMAZING 2006 everyone!!! Bel

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