Monthly Archives: August 2006

Friday August 25, 2006

Top 10 Live! is officially over!! It was a great show to be apart of and I’ve learned and grown a lot professionally from being on this show. It was a great ride and hopefully another season will come along – bigger and better. I’ll put up some pictures from my favourite moments/guests on the show soon. Stay tuned…. Now, I’m back to freelancing. Nothing much in the books right […]

Saturday August 12, 2006

I’m down with flu…. Kinda scary….dengue’s going around. Our Mr.Ean is down with dengue… let us all help pray that he’ll get through this ok. Got this in the mail…thought it was pretty cute…and true.. Have you seen this in the papers? Well, one of the girls in this ad is wanted for looking like a ‘transsexual’ Thanks to everyone’s prompt response to my website enquiry. I will be getting […]

Wednesday August 9, 2006

Anyone knows how to or know people who knows how to create a professional website? If you do, please drop a message here or leave a link to your portfolio! Thanks!! Bel P/S: Just so people don’t get confused, I’m looking to create my own personal website, with a blog site and links for my portfolio, pictures, etc…. So I would say a bit more of an arty website than […]